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Why Breivik did what he did and why I did what I did: Liberal Left to blame

Breivik posing with a gun

Me posing with a gun

I was accused of copycatting Breivik by a few of my Facebook friends.  Anyone right-handed who picks up a gun like that would point to the window rather than at a dark corner in the room or indeed at anyone in the room, and that was what I was doing.

Also, the photographer and the furniture of the room would at some stage come into conflict if I pointed it in a different direction.

What am I doing posing with a gun with a Nazi flag behind me anyway, you ask.

I will explain.  That flag has been so fetishised by the Left that it is either treated like a sacred object or hysterically reviled.  It is time to take a more balanced approach.

The war ended 67 years ago.  I think a 50 year prohibition against displaying the Nazi flag in a provocative manner would have been quite sufficient, but it seems the liberal establishment want it for all eternity.

The more you tell people not do something the more they will want to do it.  Remember God telling Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit of his Tree of Knowledge and his Tree of Life?  Remember Pandora being told not to look in that box?  Orpheus was told not to look back.  Ditto Lot's wife. What did they all go and do?

I  have come to the conclusion that God actually wanted to kick Adam and Eve out of  Eden because they were getting under his feet and he wanted the place to himself.   He didn't want to be the bad guy so He found a way of making them do the very thing He told them not to do to give Him the justification for kicking them out like a pair of teenagers eating him out of house and home, playing their  music too loudly and always inviting their friends around.

We now know what the Left have been doing all along.   They fetishised Nazi imagery by having a hissy fit and making everyone have a hissy fit every time they saw it, forbade the use of it - which only made people want to use it more - and then used the desire they created (ie to fetishise Nazi imagery) in rebellious youth as the sign of a growing evil, which they themselves had helped to create by forbidding the criticism of immigration and immigrants, which was always portrayed as RACIST, FASCIST and NAZI so most people became afraid to discuss it.

In the meantime, they made the locals fit only for unskilled manual labour are so useless with their insane leftist social policies by encouraging the worst of women to breed their often disabled and illegitimate offspring whom no sane British employer would employ because they had a crap fatherless upbringing together with a crap education and are lazy  unemployable criminal bastards if they are male, and slut single mums with variously-fathered feral bastards if they are female.

Are you getting the picture now?

British employers in the meantime need labour now so they hire immigrants who are mostly not sluts and bastards (until their offspring are born and bred here and go through the whole shitty British education system  which they will not fix and have been progressively (pun intended) dumbing down for decades, under the aegis of the corrupt female and feminist-dominated teaching profession).

The people who are most affected by these insane and evil Left Liberal Feminist policies are of course the white working classes who have been all but abandoned by their government, who do not care enough about them even to attempt to correct their vicious wicked ways.

To salve their consciences they would rather throw taxpayers' money at them rather than shake their hand or teach them anything worthwhile, because that really would be too much trouble and more than their job's worth.

How long would it take to sort out British education anyway?  More than a term of office, certainly.  That is why successive governments have always swept the vexed question of education and training under the carpet  and also why successive governments have conspired to let more and more immigrants in to replace the useless locals that no sane employer would hire.

Nick Seaton of the Campaign for Real Education knows what the problem is but won't challenge feminism because he fears it too much, but it is really the only way to take the bull by its horns, to grasp the nettle and to root out the source of Western malaise - feminism, the worship of free love and the deification of the Slut Single Mum who is the source of no-strings sex for men who cannot afford to take a wife and are too mean to pay an honest prostitute for her services.

There is a reason why other cultures have a horror and disgust of promiscuous women while in the West this instinctive moral revulsion has been bred out of it after decades of liberal indoctrination.   Indeed, these disgusting and promiscuous women who have their feral illegitimate children at the expense of the British taxpayer have now been elevated to the status of Sacred Cow.

This is so because most nationalist men have either impregnated an SSM, were SSM-parented or have a partner who is an SSM.   Most of the women they know are SSMs too - their grandmothers, great-aunts, aunts, sisters, nieces, daughters and grand-daughters - for the rottenness is as wide as it is deep.

This is precisely why the Muslims who are already here do not wish to integrate and put on their niqabs when in an earlier age they would have wished to dress in Western fashions to fit in.

But what is the point of fitting into a degenerate race with a degenerate culture?

The best thing to do is to preserve the virtue of your women, threaten to honour kill your daughters if  they ever think of becoming an SSM and hope for the indigenous fuckers to fuck themselves to death so you can take over after they fall off their perches in an excess of slut single mummery.

The cancer of female promiscuity has spread to the brains and guts and balls of almost all British men but it remains the case that the white working classes are the worst affected.   This means that most nationalists are worst affected by this.  So badly affected are they by widespread illegitimacy that even Nick Griffin will not support family values because to do so uncompromisingly would only offend his core supporters, which would never do because his income and status is derived from milking their grievance, without the necessity of giving them a remedy.  It is so much easier to continue blaming the Jews and Muslims than to suggest to them that they might be the author of their own misfortunes.

White working class men, being not the most well-educated, moneyed and moral men knocking around, who are also known for their propensity to violence, tend to react in a way that may be injurious to one's health and electoral success, perhaps, so in a way it is understandable that Nick Griffin would wish to exploit  and flatter them rather than assist them or try to improve their lot by telling them a few home truths.

Politics is after all the business of selling people hope, and Nick Griffin only cares about selling them false hope, while I genuinely wish to change things by telling the truth as I see it and offering a practical solutions, all of which involve the repeal of an Act of Parliament.

It seems impossible to draw anyone's attention to this, so thick is this liberal conspiracy of silence.  Most of the liberal establishment even know who I am, but they are trying their damnedest to ignore me so as to prevent their Sacred Cow who is the Slut Single Mother whom they irrationally worship from being blasphemed against.

My plan is to become quite quite unignorable until enough of them break ranks and decide that they absolutely must interview me when the readers of their publications demand this clamorously enough.

I will make it clear that I have no desire to become a terrorist nor do I wish to gas Jews (some of whom are my best friends).   It is only the potency of these images that will attract liberal eyes in spite of themselves.

Breivik did what he did when he came to the conclusion that participating in the political process is futile.  He observed that once enough  Norweigian voters wised up to what was happening to their country, the Norwegian government would let more immigrants in, give them passports and gerrymander the vote.

Sounds familiar?

Even now, organisations such as UAF, Searchlight and Hope Not Hate regularly intimidate nationalists and pubs who allow nationalists to use their function rooms.

If they make it seem so hopeless that everyone believes that participating in the political process is doomed to failure and disgrace as well as intimidation and violence, then they have only themselves to blame if Britain gets its own Breivik in the years to come.

I have had to go so far to get an interesting photograph of myself taken with Dave and that flag because that is the only way to make the Liberal Left listen.  It was they who drove me to do this, and they have only themselves to blame.



"It is the greatest injustice to treat unequal things equally."


It seems from the reaction David Jones and I are getting at that they are behaving as if I have disrespected their swastika when it was in fact borrowed from Hinduism and Buddhism and tweaked by the Nazis to turn the other way.

If anyone has copyright to the swastika it is the people from Asia whence it originated.

It's been over 67 years.  Get over it.   

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