Monday, 21 May 2012

Further thoughts on nationalist unity

Why do I bother, eh?

They are not my people and very much dislike me for saying the things I do.  I am now banned for every kind of nationalist meeting for trumped-up reasons.  

Troy Southgate, the Organiser of the New Right Meetings pretends I am a security risk merely for blogging on what they discussed.

Jez Turner banned me from attending a London Forum Meeting in April for reasons he refuses to disclose.

Richard Edmonds now claims that I support the actions of Anders Breivik whom I have described as a terrorist on  numerous occasions, and nothing I say, long or short, will disabuse him of the idea.  Indeed, the very idea is defamatory, for every response he gives suggests that he has not read anything of what I have said, because his purpose was to pretend that I support Breivik and use this reason to exclude me.  

But if I don't remain active in nationalism and wag my finger at the men like an officious nanny, who will?  There is no one in nationalism who dares denounce feminism, except Simon Sheppard,  the Political Prisoner, and he is under a very strict control order that prevents him from discussing politics at all, I understand.  

Give me the name of a man better able to lead the nationalist movement to dizzying heights of triumph and national influence than I, and I will shut up and return to the kitchen!  

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