Thursday, 3 May 2012

MY answers to PinkNews readers' questions if I had remained the BNP London Mayoral Candidate

Q1.   With about half of the UK’s HIV positive population accessing care in London what will you do as Mayor to ensure that treatment and care budgets are not further cut over the term of your office?

A1.   I will do NOTHING to ensure that the care budgets for the UK's HIV positive population accessing care in London are not further cut over my term of office.  London has more urgent priorities.

Q2.   What will you do as Mayor to support efforts to tackle the high rate of new HIV infections, particularly amongst gay men?

A2.   I will do NOTHING as Mayor to support efforts to tackle the high rate of new HIV infections particularly amongst gay men.  They really should know better by now.  "Supporting efforts to tackle the high rate of new HIV infections" sounds like you are asking straight people to pay for the sex gay people have, when they fail to practice safe-sex.

Q3.  As a lesbian and a parent I am concerned about homophobia in schools. What will you do with your community safety and policing role to lead on and tackle homophobia in schools?

A3.  I will do NOTHING to tackle homophobia in schools.  I am of the view that homosexuality should not be encouraged but should rather be discouraged.   I hope you are aware that all the Abrahamic faiths could be said to be homophobic.  Unlike the LibLabCon whom we oppose, the BNP will not encourage what religious people all over the world consider to be a SIN.

Q4.   In light of allegations of racism in the Met how are you going to make the Met friendlier towards those minorities?

A4.   I intend to pursue a RACIALLY NEUTRAL policy and treat no race any better or any worse than any other.

Q5.   The rift between the LGBT and Muslim communities in London has been very high-profile over the last few years, with homophobic crime on the increase and growing Islamophobia. What would you do to heal the rift?

A5.   I would advise the LGBT communities to be more discreet in their activities so as not to arouse the wrath of socially conservative people in general.  Prevention is better than cure, after all.

Q6.   The public perception of, and trust in, the Metropolitan police is at an all-time low. A police force which lacks the trust of the citizens it is supposed to serve loses effectiveness, making crime harder to prevent. This is a serious concern for minority groups that are at higher risk of crime, such as LGBTs, blacks, Muslims and the disabled. What would you do to reverse this?

A6.   You will find that young men of all races are statistically more likely to become victims of violence.  The perpetrators of violence are also from the same group.   I have absolutely no intention of prioritising the perceived needs of the groups you mention over the indigenous white community whose interests have been ignored and marginalised over the years.  As I have already said, I intend to pursue a RACIALLY NEUTRAL policy.

Q7.   Elderly LGBTs are one of the most economically vulnerable groups in our society. Few have families, often because until relatively recently the state severely restricted LGBTs’ ability to have children through adoption or similar means, and also because until relatively recently it was very common for LGBTs to be disowned by their parents and siblings upon coming out. If elected, what will you do to combat the economic and social deprivation they face?

A3.   There is a reason why people go through the expense and trouble of rearing children. Ultimately, it is to feel that they will have offspring who cares what happens to their elderly parents.  If you encourage more people to be LGBT then society will be taken over by the dependent and elderly who have no children to look after them.  That is perhaps one of the reasons why all the Abrahamic faiths have regarded homosexuality as an abomination.  No, I will do nothing to help them because they have brought all this on themselves.  Let their poverty in old age and their loneliness be a lesson to us all against the evils of the selfish heedless hedonism of homosexuality.

Q8.   Many legal protections have been established in the last 20 years that benefit LGBT people. There are still more (eg bullying in schools, hate crimes) that could be that require cultural shift. How would you encourage London to shift its cultural perceptions?

A8.   I have absolutely no intention of encouraging more people to be homosexual if that is what you mean.  If I could I would repeal the Equality Act and allow owners of B&Bs to refuse to have homosexuals in their establishment, if that is what they want.

Q9.   Will you commit to de-twin the London and Tehran, the capital city of Iran, a country whose penalty for being gay is death?

A9.  I really had no idea that London has been twinned with Tehran.  Where on earth did you get that from?   I have no intention of stoning homosexuals to death.  The most I would do is give them a 100 lashes if they are caught cottaging.

Q10.   Do you think schools which cannot demonstrate sufficient action to address homophobic bullying should fail their Ofsted inspections?

A10.  Certainly not.  British schools should not encourage homosexuality anyway.

Q11.  Do you believe it is important that the mayor’s office supports benchmarks which measure diversity e.g. Stonewall Diversity Champions?

A11.  The BNP believes it is better for the future of the British Nation (and this means of all British citizens irrespective of our race) to discourage rather than encourage homosexuality. Stonewall Diversity Champions would encourage homosexuals to lord it over heterosexuals in the workplace, and I really think people have had enough PC gay rights policies being shoved down their throats.  The BNP would be false to its own to its principles if it did not try to stop this sort of thing and say so in uncompromising terms.

Q12.  Do you support plans by Tower Hamlets Cllr Khan who plans to ban “sex establishments” in Tower Hamlets in order to reduce female exploitation? Do you believe this should include the only gay pub in the area, the White Swan which has an amateur strip night?

A12.   I really think this is a matter for the residents of Tower Hamlets to resolve amongst themselves.   If the majority of the residents want to keep it open then it should stay open.  If they do not, then it should close.   I shall not interfere.

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Reading Carlos Cortiglia's answers there, he hardly comes across as sounding as if he's representing a far-right party at all. Spineless sycophant.