Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Nationalist meeting in Newcastle on Sunday 27 May 2012

I would encourage any nationalist concerned about the future of nationalism to attend this meeting so that questions can be asked of the speakers.

  1. Do any of them see feminism as a nationalist issue?
  2. Is feminism an issue that nationalists should avoid because it is controversial?
  3. Do any all of them see controversy as an opportunity to show the liberals how wrong they are?
  4. Is feminism a sacred cow of the British?
  5. Should nationalists propose that the sacred cow of feminism be slain?
  6. How good has feminism been for nationalists?
  7. How good is feminism for the long national interest?
  8. Is feminism the enemy of family values?
  9. Does feminism condone the right of women to be never married mothers?
  10. Does the tolerance of widespread illegitimacy lower educational and moral standards?
  11. Does the fact that most babies born in Britain are born out of wedlock augur well for the future of the British?
  12. Do any of them see that the tolerance of widespread illegitimacy has led to the degeneracy of the British race?  (By degeneracy I mean your offspring being physically, economically, intellectually, educationally and morally inferior to you.)
  13. Do any of them see feminism as the enemy of male and parental authority through which the traditions of any society are passed?
  14. Have you noticed that women are far more easily offended than men and how often they call for more taxes to be imposed to suppress free speech and more laws to be passed?
  15. Have you noticed how female-dominated and feminist-dominated is the teaching profession?
  16. Have you noticed how cleverly the feminist teaching profession disguises its failure to teach your children to be employable?
  17. Have you noticed how good women are tricked into careers so they forget to have children?
  18. Have you noticed how promiscuous and irresponsible women are not discouraged from having their illegitimate children at the expense of the British taxpayer?
  19. Is the degeneracy of the white working classes the reason why successive governments bring in immigrants to do the jobs they should be doing? 
  20. Do you think the contempt in which Muslims hold the white man is something to do with the perception that white women are mostly slags as well as the worst mothers in the world,  and that the white man is afraid of his women?
  21. Is true that nationalist men do not trust themselves to challenge feminism?
  22. If it is true that nationalist men are afraid of their women, should they not let someone else do it?   
  23. Do the speakers agree that the person best able to challenge feminism is Claire Khaw?
  24. If Claire Khaw is indeed the person best able to speak against feminism on behalf of nationalists and the nation, should nationalists not consider becoming civic nationalists so she can join and represent the party's views on feminism?

If you feel strongly enough about these issues and think that these issues need to be tackled forcefully and intelligently, just print this out and hand it to the speakers at the meeting, after asking one or some of these questions from the floor.  

Otherwise, you know what they will do.  Put you to the expense and trouble of attending the meeting just to to boost their egos while doing NOTHING at all for you, except telling you to wait and see.  

The old dinosaurs of nationalism will not change their tired ideas until and unless they are made to.  Don't let them fob you off any more!

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