Friday, 18 May 2012

Nationalist Unity Meeting 17 May 2012

I enquired what was decided at the meeting.  My sources inform me that they discussed whether or not to form another party and get the 65 year old retirement aged Andrew Brons to be the figurehead.

I have no idea why nationalists would think that yet another nationalist micro-party with a leader older and slower than Nick Griffin, defeated in a leadership election, could ever be more successful than the current BNP, especially one that has decided to dissociate itself from me because it is pretending that I endorse the actions of Breivik when I have taken every care to say that Breivik is a terrorist and that it is possible for nationalists to gain influence even under the current rules, but only if they are strategically astute.

Perhaps it is yet another disease of the mind that Western men are currently afflicted by.

The last time I attended such a meeting, I told them that they needed to find a leader who is obviously better than Nick Griffin, but I fear that they either did not understand the implication of my words or cannot quite grasp that Andrew Brons is obviously not better than Nick Griffin, since he was defeated in a leadership contest.

If I had been allowed to attend, and not shunned because Richard Edmonds has chosen to pretend that I endorse the actions of Breivik (whom I had described as a terrorist on numerous occasions), I would have said the same thing, and doubtless they would have listened just as uncomprehendingly and carried on just as before.

I wonder if this proposed party that would have Andrew Brons as figurehead would have an ideology that is ethno-nationalist, or civic nationalist.   Perhaps it did not even occur to them to address this issue at their meeting.   Since it was mostly ex-BNP members who have now gone over to the NF, they will be going back to muttering darkly about forcible repatriation again, probably, seemingly oblivious to the fact that any attempt to do so would bring about civil war, and that  British citizens who have been born here have nowhere to be "repatriated" to.

It is terribly terribly sad that they do not seem to have realised that time has moved on or heard of the old Texan saying "If all you do is all you ever did, then all you'll get is all you ever got" - defeat and disappointment.

Most of my ex-BNP buddies have gone to the English Democrats (who are too bland and boring) or the NF (who are too full of stick in the mud dinosaurs who have not noticed that the non-white British citizens they would like to repatriate have been born here for three generations now).

Ironically and laughably, they like to pretend that they are more intellectually and socially respectable than me and claim falsely that I endorse Breivik's actions (even though they cannot find anything I have said in words and deed to prove this), when it is they who fear and hate Muslims more than me.

In fact, I do not fear Muslims at all.  In fact, I think there is much of their religion that the British used to follow before the Muslims arrived.   In fact, I propose that Islam - and a distinctly Anglicised form of it, with Anglican forms of worship in Churches with carols and hymns, pews and pulpits (but with Trinitarian elements excised) should be made the national state religion after the current lot of third-rate minds incapable of discussing morality beyond tolerating every damn single evil thing, openly gay priests, women, socialists, liberals and feminist clergymen have been defenestrated and dramatically disestablished.

Predictably, I have not been given the opportunity of putting it to put it to them that civic nationalism will give ethno-nationalists more of what they want than ethno-nationalism.  Perhaps they already know this, but don't care, as long as they can keep themselves busy going round ever-decreasing circles.

Even I would be give nationalists a sense of a new dawn than Andrew Brons ever would.  Many at the last meeting I attended complained of the tardiness and ineffectiveness of his actions, always too little, always too late.

I really do not think they want success, but prefer the failure that fuels their grievance, because that is all they ever knew and all they will ever know.   Put to them a new idea and they will behave in exactly the way a vampire would  if you offered them a phial of holy water or a wreathe of garlic.   You cannot help the Undead, especially if they do not want to be helped.

Perhaps the only future for the independent nationalist who refuses to give up is to infiltrate the established parties.   The Conservative Party would be the obvious choice, now that they have a seething simmering backbenchers' rebellion after having ousted Peter Bone, the most rebellious of the rebel Tory MPs.

Sadly, for most of my ex-BNP buddies, they will be too tribal and socially awkward to contemplate leaving the group of people they have met at their little social club that they fondly imagine is a political party.  


Anonymous said...

"the non-white British citizens they would like to repatriate have been born here for three generations now"

That may be true in the large English cities, yes, but not in all parts of the UK.

Go here and tell me how multicultural it is:,_Highland

Tell me how it compares to London.

Claire Khaw said...

If your capital city has fallen to the Muslims, then you need to rethink your strategy of getting elected by proposing to send them "home". It is just common sense, a scarce commodity amongst nationalists, I know.