Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Votes for Ken Livingstone from the "Far Right" whether he wants them or not

What I have distributed on behalf of Ken.  The Iron Cross and the Swastika badges were given to me by Kevin Watmough of the British People's Party when I visited Bradford

"BNP candidate Carlos Cortiglia told political blogger Iain Dale he planned to give Mr Livingstone his second preference vote."

It is not quite clear why Carlos said this, but my reasons are clear.  Out of the two front-runners, only Ken Livingstone was against the war.

There is not much difference in terms policy between the two front-runners if you are of an Eurosceptic bent of mind.  Both of them support gay marriage, both of them do not wish to share a platform with the Eurosceptic parties, both of them are recklessly making promises they will probably not be able to keep.

But there is one thing that Ken has done that we can be certain about that Boris has not done, which is to speak against the invasion of Iraq.   It can be inferred that if Boris had remained an MP he would have voted for all the Neocon wars of Cameron and it can also be inferred that Ken would have voted against them if he had the option of doing so.  (Do however please correct me if you know any better.)

Strangely and sadly, Ken did not use his anti-war stance as a campaigning issue at all.

It was pointed out to me that this is because London voters will only vote for "London issues".  (This is code for "Venal Londoners will vote for whoever most convincingly bribes them with the most things they want.")

Probably, even Muslim Londoners no longer care that their government is invading Muslim countries and killing Muslims who dislike being invaded, in their name.

It would appear that Ken is not campaigning on his anti-war stance because he doesn't think Londoners care about it enough.

Even BNP supporters who were against the war will vote for Boris, because they hate Red Ken, even if he does agree with BNP policy IN ONE IMPORTANT REGARD and was against the invasion of Iraq.

At least  Ken has denounced the invasion of Iraq that entailed the pointless sacrifice of the lives of the white working class men, which has not improved the life of the Iraqis and which has in no way served the British national interest.

When I am Dictator of Britain, I will simply disenfranchise the people whose votes can only be purchased through bribery and who don't give a damn about the atrocities, loss of life on both sides and the messing up of other people's countries committed in the name of a British foreign policy of a corrupt ruling class that is irrational, demented and in urgent need of radical revision.

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