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Jeffrey Marshall says he will throw his hat in the ring at the next BNP leadership contest

Jeffrey Marshall speaking in  Newcastle

He said this in London on 17 May and also in Newcastle on 28 May.

I asked him to sum up what he said and this was his response:

"I commented on:

1)  the apparent reserve of any individual to put himself or herself forward for the leadership challenge; 

2)  the challenge to Nick Griffin cannot exist unless some individual is prepared to do so;

3)  that I would offer to be a candidate myself in the hope that it may inspire others who might feel they can do a better job than Nick Griffin or me, thus putting on record that my hat is now thrown in the ring."

Let us see then if Jeffrey finds himself suspended and then expelled for spurious reasons for declaring so early.  

The next BNP leadership election is 3 years away after all.  This means there is time enough for those who want to vote for Jeffrey Marshall as leader but who have left the party to rejoin the party and qualify to vote in the next leadership election.  There is 24 month probationary period but as long as  you lie low and do nothing you should be OK.

Currently, Jeffrey remains East End Organiser.  Will he even be allowed to organise a meeting after this bold declaration?  Will it get backing from the others?  Is the fact that he wishes to contest the leadership enough reason for the party to expel him?

If he is suspended then expelled on trumped-up charges, can he judicially review such a decision?  Or will he and other long serving activists be entirely without remedy?

If he is allowed to contest the leadership, will be allowed access to the membership list or will it be withheld from him the way it was from Eddy Butler?

Will there be procedural propriety and abuse of process all over again?

Also, how much will 7.13 cost the party if Jeffrey manages to dislodge the incumbent leader?


  1. By joining or rejoining the BNP now so you can vote and support him in the leadership contest in 3 years' time.  (Yes, this means you lot who have gone over to the NF or joined the English Democrats.)
  2. By seeing to it that you have your voting rights in 2 years' time by not coming to the attention of the leadership who may expel you before your 24 month probationary period is up (so you have no right to be heard by a disciplinary tribunal) or expelling you on some trumped-up charge with your only recourse to justice a biased disciplinary tribunal.  
  3. If you want to dislodge Nick Griffin as Chairman, there needs to be an attack on more than one front. It has to come from within and without.   Jeffrey Marshall is the only passably credible leadership contender who is eligible to contest the leadership and who may appeal to the educated middle classes.  He is the BNP's foremost "Muslim man" and believes that the only way forward for nationalism is to be explicitly civic nationalist.  He at any rate knows - because of his dealings with them - that even non-white British citizens complain bitterly about immigration and have no one to turn to.  Going civic nationalist does not mean you do not care about your own race.  It just means you see the futility in still banging on about (a) forced repatriation (b) introducing apartheid (c) making non-white British citizens second class citizens.  It is merely a pragmatic strategic stance.  Anyone who still cannot understand this should join the Neanderthals at the NF.
See Section 7 page 36


7.1 Elections for the post of the Chairman shall be held every year, starting in 2009. Nominations shall open on 20th July in each year and close at noon on 10th August following. The election shall be held on a 'one member, one vote' basis in a secret postal ballot of all Individual Members with right to attend and vote at a General Members' Meeting and whose required Subscription paid up by 1st of July.

7.2 Any Individual Member may become a candidate for the post of the Chairman of our Party provided that individual on or before the close of nominations:-

7.2.1 satisfies the BH Voter Requirement and the BH Resident Requirement;

7.2.2 does not poses dual or more citizenship;

7.2.3 is a Voting Member with five years or more Continuous Membership of our Party; and

7.2.4 has:- secured the signatures on his or her nomination paper of not less than 20% of the Individual Members with 24 calendar months of Continuous Membership the support of the Founders Association acting by a 10% or more vote in favour of that individual seeking to stand in a Leadership Election in a general meeting of the members of the Founder's Association entitled to attend and vote at such meeting, held between 1th August and 31st August in any year (if any) at which the nomination of each individual seeking to be a candidate in a Leadership Election and who satisfies the conditions set out in Clauses and Clause shall be put to a vote; and secured the signatures on his or her nomination paper of not less than 20% of the Voting Members.

7.3 An Individual Member may sign pursuant to Clause the nomination papers of an individual seeking nomination as a candidate in a Leadership Election only once.

7.4 An Voting Member may sign pursuant to Clause the nomination papers of an individual seeking nomination as a candidate in a Leadership Election only once.

7.5 The meaning of Individual Members and of Voting Members in Clause 7.2.4 and Clause 7.6 means those of such Members who are entitled to attend and vote at an Official Meeting of our Party.

7.6 On July 1st each year a statement will be issued detailing the total number of Individual Members with at least 24 months Continuous Membership and of the total number of Voting Members.

7.7 Notification of a leadership election shall be issued in the September issue of British Nationalist, while the October issue will include an A4 manifesto sheet from each candidate (designed and supplied by them) and a ballot paper, and will be sent by post to all Individual Members, including those who normally receive their bulletins electronically.

7.8 A pre-recorded debate between the candidates shall be publicised on BNPtv, a private page on the BNP website will give each candidate up to six sides of A4 designed by them, our Party magazine shall give each candidate equal space to set out their ideas, and at least three hustings meetings will be held with equal time for each candidate in different parts of the country and be open to all paid up Individual Members from the areas in question. In the event that unavoidable external circumstances render any of these methods of communication impractical they may be omitted or replaced as decided by a simple majority vote of a special meeting of the Advisory Council.

7.9 The ballot papers shall be kept unopened until the post has arrived on the third Thursday of October, when all received ballots shall be opened and counted under the supervision of two senior officials appointed by the Advisory Council who are not candidates, together with the candidates and up to two scrutineers each.

7.10 The Leadership Election shall take place on a „first past the post‟ basis.

7.11 In any year in which no nominations for the post of the Chairman of our Party are received in accordance with sub-section 2 of this section, the currently serving holder of the post will be deemed to have received a mandate from our Party to hold it for a further term. In any year where a leadership challenge is entered, the currently serving the Chairman shall be deemed to be nominated automatically should he wish to stand again.

7.12 In the event of a General Election being called before the ballot papers have been posted, the campaign may be suspended at the discretion of the Advisory Council by a simple majority vote, resuming the schedule immediately after polling day.

7.13 If an outgoing the Chairman is a paid employee of our Party and either does not wish to remain as such or is not required as such by the new incumbent, he or she shall receive severance pay in line with the statutory requirement, plus one month for each year served up to a total of eight years, and one week extra for each year thereafter.

7.14 The successful candidate in any Leadership Election will be considered asoccupying the office of the Chairman immediately on completion of the counting of votes in that election.

7.15 No Leadership Election shall be held during the imprisonment of the Chairman in our British Homeland on account of him or her upholding the Principles of our Party or any other terms and conditions of this Constitution.

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