Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Kim Gandy hates me because she is female and feminist

This woman has taken an extreme dislike to me because I wish to associate eugenics with nationalism.

I believe eugenics (ie policies to prevent degeneracy in your society) are necessary and therefore moral.

I also believe that feminism is anti-eugenic.

It is no surprise that Kim, being female and therefore a feminist, would take against me.

Interestingly, she has said about UKIP that they "are a bunch of lefties and UAF supporters - and misogynists"  I asked her what she meant and she refused to elaborate.

I suggested to her that the fact that she is such a vicious and vocal harridan would make men dislike her, which is not to say that UKIP men hate women.

She is probably jealous that more nationalist men like me than like her, and I don't even have to flaunt my bosom at them.

Kim Gandy flaunting her bosom in the faces of nationalist men, in the way that I do not

I like to think they like me because of my anti-feminism, though I cannot guarantee that some of them do not secretly harbour a desire to know me carnally.

I believe most women feel that they have to denounce me because I wish to discuss eugenics (feminism is anti-eugenic after all, because it causes degeneracy in your society, as we have seen).  Eugenics is nothing more than good husbandry - a term that is gloriously masculine and agrarian.

Women grow in status the more disabled their offspring because they are not beneath using the pity of others to raise their status, unlike men who have masculine pride.

One of my attributes is that I am the mind of a man in the body of a female.  This is what actually makes me so formidable as a debater.

Women want to be loved more than men, and not caring what people think about me as long as my message is punched through is one of my more masculine attributes, I would say, as well as the compulsion to stand by my principles (especially that of my belief in free speech) without fear or favour, and to defend the weak.  (Yes, white British men are indeed week and degenerate and I know they are no longer capable of making a stand against feminism.   I do what I do for all the men I have ever loved in my life and who have been good to me, both living and departed.) has the record of how the exchange developed.

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Eric said...

The natural eugenicist forces of Social Darwinism are continuously thwarted by the Nanny State which is the feminist Big Sister incarnate. Eugenicist policies are simply necessary to counterbalance that burden to society created by decades of ‘social security’, the State’s perverse financial incentives that have perpetuated every form of physical and mental disorder known to medical science.

‘I like to think they like me because of my anti-feminism, though I cannot guarantee that some of them do not secretly harbour a desire to know me carnally.’

It would be an imprudent guarantee. And for ‘some’ read ‘all’.