Friday, 24 August 2012

UKIP declines to admit Claire Khaw to their September Conference in Birmingham

This was all too predictable.

However, any UKIP member is free to get in touch with me to discuss what it is to be done about the incorrigible cowardice of the UKIP leadership.

If enough of them want to meet me in Birmingham, I am still prepared to make the trip. The important thing is that they push for the repeal of the Equality Act 2010 at conference, and promote this to the voters of Corby in November, whether I am there or not.

If you are tired of UKIP's tried and failed policy of BORING THE VOTER TO DEATH  and want some new ideas that will thrill and delight them, then I'm your man, not the cowardly Nigel Farage whose cowardice is probably explained by his fatherlessness as well as the degenerate morals of the effeminate and emasculated White Man living in a matriarchy.   

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Anonymous said...

You are your own worst enemy, Claire..

I wouldn't mind so much that you were your own worst enemy (in that you make it impossible for a Party like the UKIP to accept you, because you are too outspoken and not diplomatic, besides being an ex member of the BNP) -only we're all the losers without you being able to find a position which is influential.

The UKIP might not want you as a member ( I understand 'why')but they shoud have accepted you at their conference.

I started to read the Equality Act
2010 (I like to understand what you would like me to object to).

I never even got as far as 'The Act' (story of my life), but the second paragraph of the introduction appeared to boast that the Government will chuck 2.6 million for positive discrimination for handicapped people becoming MPs.

I imagined David Blunkett, blind since birth, reading that in brail. I thought that he might be very pissed off.

Blunkett got to be a minister -surely a huge acheivement for any politician? I think that David would have felt patronised to have his laurels snipped by twits making it seem that money 'got him there'.

I'd certainly be vociferously objecting to any money given over to lessening the pride of people like David (did anyone care that he was blind when they voted for him?).

...I think that I'd ask for compensation for 'hurt feelings'...