Tuesday, 14 August 2012

UKIP man refuses to discuss sex with me

1. How would you feel if you have FOUR ILLEGITIMATE GRANDCHILDREN?

2. What steps would you take to prevent this?

3. If you had FOUR ILLEGITIMATE GRANDCHILDREN by your daughter, would you blame your wife a little?

These questions were asked of Mark Barnes, a UKIP supporter who prides himself on his contribution to society as an entrepreneur and a father of legitimate children.

I know he refuses to answer because another UKIP member, Maggie Chapman has four illegitimate grandchildren and he does not want to offend her.

Mark in fact dislikes me for the persistence with which I punch through my anti-SSM message.  He thinks it is too unladylike for his delicate sensibilities and he wishes I would stop, for it offends his ears.  He would rather I keep quiet about such indelicate subjects that upset people, especially people like Maggie Chapman, who is proud of her four illegitimate grandchildren and actually boasted to me that she her daughter's children were illegitimate, in order to silence me.

Mark also says I have made no contribution to society because I do not have a full time job and have recently admitted to once having had an affair with a married man in my past.

As far as he is concerned, my admission means my message that SSMs are bad for Britain and that women should be discouraged from becoming SSMs is invalidated.

I disagree.  If we had to wait till we were morally perfect to discuss morality then morality will never be discussed.

He also asks me again, what "material contribution" I have made to society.   (At least I know that I must leave this question to be answered by posterity!  If you were God Himself and were asked this question, how might you answer?)  Does he mean to discover how much tax I pay?  I am happy to concede that I do not pay as much as he does, being the entrepreneur he is.

I use him only to demonstrate how neurotic, cowardly and hypocritical the British are about discussing sexual morality, because most men these days are so pathetically frightened of offending women for any reason whatsoever.

How can this man, who refuses to give his honest answer to a simple question like this, claim to be a better politician than me, or even a worthier person?

This man also thinks that my admission into UKIP would be bad for it.  I think this man acts of petty-minded spite.  I think I would be excellent for UKIP.

Those who agree with me should tell Steve Crowther, UKIP Chairman, exactly this in no uncertain terms.   The next general election is not that far away and we still have time to make UKIP a more exciting and radical party than it currently is.

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