Tuesday, 28 August 2012

UKIP's *ultra vires* prohibition prevents Claire Khaw from attending conference

24   August  2012

Dear Claire Khaw

On 21/08 you applied online for a two-day ticket for the UKIP Annual Conference in Birmingham due to be held on September 21st.

I must inform you that because of your former membership of the BNP and because we have previously refused you membership of UKIP, we are exercising our right to not provide you with admission tickets.  We have therefore today refunded your £30.

Yours sincerely

David Challice
Administration Manager

cc   Lisa Duffy (Party Director)
       Steve Crowther (Party Chairman) explains why the prohibition is ultra vires, but don't expect Star Etheridge to understand this, though she is a qualified solicitor.    

Paul Oakley, who was their unsuccessful London mayoral candidate, who is also  practising barrister, does not get it either.    

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