Saturday, 1 September 2012

Tories choose businesswoman PPC to beat UKIP businesswoman PPC

I suggest that the BNP treat these three boring female candidates as beneath their notice and concentrate their fire on the Labour man Andy Sawford.  This is really a fight between one kind of white man and another kind of white man.  Let us hope that Gordon Riddell is up to the job.  He seems to be if he is capable of getting nearly 10% of the vote in the recent local elections.

I am perfectly happy to help them in Corby to field all the predictable accusations of racism, especially if they annul my expulsion.

I have been informed today that there appears to be "a campaign to get you back in the BNP".  I am not taking it too seriously, but if true, that is heartening indeed.

It would just be great to visit Corby to kick LibLabCon and UKIP ass with the BNP boys.   

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