Saturday, 24 November 2012

Claire Khaw now a card-carrying Conservative

"Cultural conservatives ... believe strongly in traditional values and traditional politics, and often have an urgent sense of nationalism."

It is like coming home.  The Conservative Party was the first political party I ever joined.   Life has come full circle.

How can I be of service to the Conservatives and Conservatism?  By articulating the principles of Conservatism and challenging the validity of such idiocies as:

‘I don’t support gay marriage despite being a Conservative. I support gay marriage because I’m a Conservative.’

currently being promoted by the leader of the Conservative Party.  David Cameron is not a Conservative of any description.  He is a Whateverist.  A Whateverist is a politician with no principles nor moral compass, who will say and do whatever it is that he thinks will allow him to remain or obtain power.

If you asked him what Conservative principles are, you will receive the same reply David Letterman got when he asked the Prime Minister of Britain what Magna Carta means in English.

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Bluto said...

Surely considering your connections the more obvious choice would have been the We Demand a Referendum Party instead? They are in need of people to stand for them whereas I can't see you making much headway with the Conservatives

Claire Khaw said...

I can't see the WDRP making any headway. Anyway, I am in bad odour with Nikki Sinclaire who reported me on Facebook.

The Conservative Party are the governing party who pride themselves on being a broad church. I imagine more of their members would be receptive to my ideas than any other party. They have a bigger membership too.

The leadership can take a view on whether my ideas would make them more or less electable, hopefully after they have given themselves a chance to famliarise themselves with them.

Elsie said...

One thing is for sure, and that is that natural conservatives are leaving the Conservative party in exasperation at Cameron's failure to
address their real concerns.

It will lead to a rise in votes for the UKIP (as the most popular and least extremist of alternatives, I should think).

Therefore, the Conservative party ought to heed your views (batty as they are sometimes), because there are some nuggets of wisdom and in the longterm by trying to please everybody, they will end up pleasing no one.

There is a great deal of smugness in the Conservative party, and a sense that they will go on forever...but those that don't evolve are condemned to extinction
in the end.

If the Conservative party is to survive, then it should take heed of what its voters really think, and see the rise of Civic Nationalism (because I think that the wind is blowing in that direction)as a warning.

They should stop being politically correct and stop being afraid of being controversial for starters...

(but being controversial does not need to mean Nazi flags !!!!!)