Wednesday, 9 January 2013

THOUGHTCRIME and SPEECH CRIME in the UK: Man fined for telling Jewess he hates Jews

Philip HayesHayes insisted he was not a racist

Luciana Berger MP abuse: Philip Hayes fined for anti-Semitic remarks

Don't be a fool and opt for a trial in a magistrates court that cannot be appealed. 

Always insist on a Crown Court trial when if you are up for any racially-aggravated public order offence that means you cannot insult anyone and tell them you hate them.   

If you can tell a gentile woman you hate her, then why not a Jewess?

If you can tell a man you hate him, why not a woman?

If can tell a white man you hate him, why not a black, brown or yellow man?

If you can tell a heterosexual man you hate him, why not a homosexual?

If you can tell an able-bodied person you hate him, why not a disabled person?

It is time to repeal s 5 of the Public Order Act.   

Even Peter Tatchell agrees with me.

Oh, and Luciana Berger was the one who doesn't want British Citizens to learn how to defend themselves.

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