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Claire Khaw - a bullet in search of a gun

I am not the only person to call Marta Andreasen flaky then.

It occurred to me this morning that I could be described as a bullet in search of a gun, though bringing to mind a similar witticism about a politician described as a shiver in search of a spine to run up.

Like Andreasen, I have been known to be a member of more than one party, viz Conservative, UKIP, Labour, BNP and Conservative again till my expulsion in December over which I intend to appeal. This I did this to further my understanding of British politics and the different cultures of the different political parties.  Also, it was an excellent way to meet people in order to acquire an understanding of their foibles and their follies and indeed the things that make them tick.

Another thing I will say in my own defence is that my political views have not been modified according to which party I am a member of.

Any political party who takes me on will take me on together with my views in favour of the following:

  1. reintrroducing capital punishment
  2. reintroducing corporal punishment
  3. leaving the EU
  4. reintroducing the element of fault back into divorce to be reflected in the divorce settlement through making it compulsory to agree a marriage contract before one can be legally wedded to another
  5. the abolition of the civil partnership together with the abolition of inheritance tax
  6. repealing the Equality Act 2010
  7. repealing the Human Rights Act 1998
  8. bringing British troops back home safe from the foreign misadventures that is the consequence of  misguided British foreign policy
  9. introducing the New Model Comprehensive
  10. a policy of strict neutrality as regards Israel
  11. the abolition of usury
  12. the creation of new state religion that is fit for the purpose of maintaining the morals of the British and the disestablishment of the Church of England - an utterly failed religion now infested by feminists and Commie Pinko homos.
  13. the destruction of feminism as a viable, rational and moral ideology 
  14. a one-party taxpayer democracy with a party constitution that protects its members' rights from the leader and his cronies  (This would be the logical conclusion if Peter Bone MP's House of Commons (Disqualification) Bill had become law.

I will not be changing my views for any party who will have me and any party who does have me as a member would have to deal with the tension such views will create amongst its membership and its potential voters.  I have an idea that many of my ideas will be eventually be popular, but only if the leadership allows me to promote them and is prepared to support my right to defend myself, without necessarily agreeing with me.

None of the above in any way could be said to be in conflict with any of the official principles of the parties I was a member of, not even the Labour Party's.

That ridiculous woman Andreasen says that UKIP have no chance of ever being in office, but the silly woman misunderstands the purpose of UKIP and indeed of all the fringe parties.  Their purpose is to lay out policies to be "stolen" and implemented by the oligarchs at the LibLabCon.   That is why there is no harm in the BNP and UKIP being as radical as I would wish them to be.  They will be seen as a receptacle for the protest votes of disgruntled voter.

I wish it to be known that I have every intention of forgiving UKIP their scurvy treatment of me by refusing to admit me into their party simply because I was once a member of the BNP.  If they invite me to join I will certainly do so.  However, if the Conservatives decide to let me back in after my appeal against my expulsion, I would also rejoin them without hesitation.  I am also open to offers from the BNP to annul my expulsion in 2011 thus making me eligible to throw my hat in the ring at the next leadership election.

None of these courses, were they open to me, could be said to be in conflict with the principles I have been known to hold.  I have already said I am in favour of a one-party state so in a way the parties are really all the same to me.

Any of these outcomes will make British politics more entertaining for its participants and observers.

Marta andreasson has joined the Tories one month after this attack on Cameron . I'm sure she has done this for deeply held principle rather than a desperate bid to hold onto a failed political career
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  • Maggie Chapman Her timing right before Eastleigh, leaves a lot o be desired.But i wish her well.
  • Bill Etheridge Ukip Ppc You are entitled to your opinion of course Maggie . I don't wish her well I think her behaviour has been disgraceful
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  • Maggie Chapman It has yes, but if she wasnt happy then she has done the right thing.No point in bearing a grudge when there is work to be done  If she can shit on one party, nothing to stop her doing it to another.....
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  • Rich Kendall She is a traitor and a hypocrite. How can she be taken seriously after leaving a Eurosceptic party, and has joined a pro-EU party?
    She was a waste of oxgygen anyway. I do not wish her well.
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  • Maggie Chapman Im not one to bear grudges, life is far too short.Others have joined UKIP in the last few weeks, so i prefer to concentrate on them.Plus Eastleigh should be at the front of everyones minds  she has gone, so time to move on.
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  • Rich Kendall I'm not bearing grudges lol. Ive said what i believe to be true, so that is all i have to say. She will be remembered as a traitorous hypocrite.
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  • Wyre Forest Ukip This is exactly why we need to make sure people get selected from the bottom up, not because of any celeb status, and Marta was brought in because of who she was, not what she had done for UKIP, how many more times do we have keep learning before we realise that promoting someone because of their celebrity past is a recipe for disaster as it all turns nasty later and this hurts the party and it lets down all those that do all the ground work.
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  • Ukip Thurrock ^^^ wholeheartedly agree with Wyre Forest Ukip.
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  • Caryl Thatcher does any of this get to he aware of what we think? it would be interesting to know
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  • Christopher Gillibrand There is one big difference between Nigel, about whom I could say many things, but not that he is a dictator, he has his eyes on the prize.
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  • Maggie Chapman I know im going to get shot down in flames here but, as a female, i have met quite a few mysoginists in the party.They have been dealt with quickly and quietly but they are still there.
  • Jeannie Susan Armstrong But that's ok Maggie- UKIP is a broad church that reflects good old common sense filled Joe public. (and Jane public) (at a push)
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  • Mark Croucher Marta coming to UKIP was a boost at the time, in a campaign which was flagging somewhat. She's obviously been speaking to the Tories for some time, and they saved her up for a rainy day: the Rennard allegations in the Lib Dems and Marta within a couple...See More
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  • Jackson Wright She sounds a bit of flake. Also, she made no bones about doing it to get the best deal for herself, rather than out of principle.
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  • Jackson Wright Claire Khaw, on the other hand, is a bullet in search of a gun ....

Maggie Chapman:

"I know im going to get shot down in flames here but, as a female, i have met quite a few mysoginists in the party.They have been dealt with quickly and quietly but they are still there."

Does it sound a bit sinister to you guys?

Remember, gentlemen, feminism is a worldwide scourge and the feminazis will stop at nothing until they have destroyed your civilisation through widespread illegitimacy (which they condone if not actually promote) which causes national degeneracy.  Why is national degeneracy a bad thing?  Because it means fewer and fewer British people will be capable of becoming productive citizens because of the way they have been parented or educated.

This means more and more immigrant labour will be needed and imported because the British can no longer shift for themselves.

Remember, gentlemen, that the teaching profession is hideously dominated by the worst of feminine vices - cowardice and hypocrisy.  The corrupt educational establishment have completely defeated Michael Gove, so standards of education will continue to plummet and Britain become less and less internationally competitive, because no political party will grasp the nettle.  (It is because of the intractability of the corrupt educational establishment that made me see that the only way forward is a one-party state, otherwise no political party would ever take the bull by its horns, causing Britain's international competitiveness and fitness to survive to be continually eroded until it becomes a failed state, whose people are mostly  pirates and prostitutes ...)

These feminists always stick up for each other in a totally amoral and tribal way.  Maggie Chapman has a daughter with illegitimate offspring and will stop at nothing to destroy anyone who says that fornicatresses, especially fornicatresses with illegitimate offspring, are to be criticised.  To have me back in UKIP would  present an ideological triumph of male virtue over feminine vices, showing that UKIP is more than just a one-trick ideological pony who is not afraid of feminazis and is prepared to reconsecrate the institution of marriage.

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