Wednesday, 6 March 2013

UAF to get tough on the milquetoasts in UKIP

I can just imagine them melting away under the intimidation and bullying tactics of the Far Left. Nigel Farage is not exactly known for his moral courage either. He would have been more likely to win the Eastleigh election than Diane James, but he was too busy being an MEP to bother becoming an MP, he said.

Perhaps he feared rejection and sent Diane James first, because he didn't want his feelings hurt?

There was once a time when a king would lead his army.   If he was the person most likely to have won the Eastleigh election, then he should have fought for it, but he did not, and instead cowered behind Diane James.

Let's face it, Nigel Farage is not going to do anything much to win anything much between now and the next election.

There is more what passes for political talent within the Conservative Party than in all the Eurosceptic parties put together, that much is obvious.

Therefore tactically, all who despise Cameron must join the Conservative Party to vote him out at the next leadership election.

Remember, politics is a long game and we have to bide our time and take up our respective positions first before we can engage the enemy more closely.

The enemy is of course the filthy Commie Pinkos in the Conservative Party who promote gay marriage.  The error of their ways will be pointed out and corrective action taken against these ideological ignoramuses and traitors.

I do wonder how UKIP will fare when things get tougher once the UAF decide not to bother with the pathetic BNP at all and direct all their energies in a focused campaign of intimidation.  Most of them are elderly, effeminate and middle class libertarian men, unlike the more robust proletarian members of the BNP.  I cannot imagine these soppy libertarians who are incapable of organising a piss-up in a brewery putting much of  a fight over anything at all.  They will just collapse into a contemptible heap of rags and bones the moment the UAF turn up with their knuckle-dusters and bicycle chains chanting "Nazi scum off our streets", I am sure.

I therefore believe that the best thing for Eurosceptics to do is to join the Conservative Party and use their numbers and energy to direct a focused  campaign towards removing the fraud and imposter that is David Cameron, unless of course UKIP beg me to join their party and make me their leader after they have shooed off that moral coward Nigel Farage who even now calls himself a Classical Liberal, ugh.

As I was saying, it will be easier and quicker and easier to trigger off a leadership election within the Conservative Party than win enough seats as UKIP to make the Conservative Party change its mind about pursuing its filthy Commie Pinko policies.

I therefore urge all good Conservatives to join the Conservative Party rather than join the UKIP milquetoasts led by Mr Nigel "Too Little Too Late" Farage.

Join the Conservative Party and await further instructions.  There is a theoretical possibility that I will be able to join you in the Conservative Party if my appeal succeeds against their trumped-up charges. If I do anything at all for the Conservative Party, it will be to make it have formal principles it can state to the world.

Basically, you join the party to have access to MPs whose minds you would be seeking to influence.

When you have done that properly they will get rid of Cameron on your behalf and put someone better in his place, someone who is actually a Conservative, not a jumped-up Etonian piece shit who did not even know who Magna fucking Carter was.  The poor woman died in vain.  

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