Thursday, 13 June 2013

Feminist terrorists now attack Jews in Israel. Will no one do anything to stop these Jezebels?

I found it very interesting that I need be neither male nor Jewish to be acknowledged as the prophet of the Jews since Jews have in the past acknowledged as their prophet a non-Jew. They have yet to acknowledge a prophet that is neither a Jew nor a man, however.

I have a Rabbi who is a Facebook friend and believe it would raise his profile enormously if I turned out to be the prophet after all.

"I met the prophetess on Facebook and she is still my Facebook friend," he could say proudly to his congregation, and wouldn't they be chuffed at their Rabbi!

Also, the British should big me up too, because there has never been a British prophet of God, has there?

I prophesy that if Israelis were forced to choose a theocracy of some sort, they would end up choosing an Islamic one. Once that happens, we will have peace in the Middle East and, by extension, world peace.

Is this advice to the Chosen People not worthy of a prophetess?

Is not telling the Chosen People about the evils of feminism but a warning and a reminder of what they should already know?

The Israelis will never have the peaceful enjoyment of Israel until and unless God ceases to be angry with them.

God is not just the God of the Jews but also the God of the Christians and the Muslims, because there is only one God (if you believe in that sort of thing).

The Jews continue to be naughty people and God is still angry with them, and that is why God has not chosen to give the Chosen People the peaceful enjoyment of Israel that they so crave.

Prophets in Judaism are not always Jews. The story of Balaam in Numbers 22,describes a non-Jewish prophet who honors God and refuses to curse Israel and who is generally presented favorably.

According to the Talmud there were also seven women who are counted as prophets whose message bears relevance for all generations: Sarah, Miriam, Devorah, Hannah (mother of the prophet Samuel), Abigail (a wife of King David), Huldah (from the time of Jeremiah), and Esther.  Rashi points out that Rebecca, Rachel and Leah were also prophets.

So, in theory, I could be prophetess or the Messianess of the Jews.

I remember the Rabbi telling me that the Messiah would have a July or August birthday.

And also descended from King David.

It is not impossible that I could be descended from King David, since he had a big harem and many wives.

While I cannot prove that I am a descendant of King David, they cannot prove that I am not, and they really ought to give me the benefit of the doubt when so much is at stake.

I know they have already denied the prophethood of Christ and Muhammad but I am sure God (if He exists) is patient and will give them THREE chances. I am their third and final chance.

If the Israelis had to choose a theocracy, they would rather choose a theocracy that does not stone to death adulterers, wouldn't they?

I know Jews are very sensible people really, deep down.

The Old Testament makes all sorts of things capital crimes, but the punishments in the Koran are quite mild in comparison.

I am thinking of going to Limmud this year, to meet the Chosen People.

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