Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Refusal of Application for Permission and Request for Reconsideration in the matter of Khaw v Con Party

In a letter dated 2 September 2013 to me, HM Courts & Tribunal Service said:

Dear Madam

Re The Queen on the application of KHAW v CONSERVATIVE PARTY

I am writing to inform you that your application for renewal in the above matter was received by this office on 2/9/2013.

The List Office will inform you of the hearing date for your application for renewal within 8 weeks. However, if you do not receive such a letter within 8 weeks of the date of this letter, you should contact the List Office directly.

Yours faithfully
Court Manager

An email dated 15 October 2013:

From: Administrative Court Office, General Office
Date: 15 October 2013 10:45
Subject: RE: The Queen on the application of Khaw v Conservative Party CO/8019/
To: claire khaw

Dear Sirs

This has been listed for the 21st January 2014.

Many thanks

Administrative Court Office | Room C314 | T: 020 7947 6655 | F: 020 7947 6802 

John Strafford has been talking about this problem since 2010.

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