Monday, 21 October 2013

Is Claire Khaw a latter day John Snow (the doctor who proved that cholera was a water-borne disease)?

After so many taunts that I am a failure, I was last night suddenly heartened by the name of a man I could not remember.

Earlier this year a kind friend took me on a Karl Marx London tour and we walked past the John Snow public house and the Broadwick Street pump.

Having looked him up this morning I discovered it was John Snow, the physician who eventually convinced the relevant authorities that cholera was caused by contaminated water, not by miasma.

There were of course plenty of vested interests and entrenched attitudes that he had to overcome before his view was accepted, but accepted it was, finally, just as what I say about SSMs being the cancer of any society will one day be accepted and something done about it, hopefully before I pop my clogs.

The other thing that struck me about Karl Marx was what a terrible husband he was and how little he earned.  His long suffering wife stood by him though.  If there had been no fault divorce then, it is almost certain that Marx would never have written the Communist Manifesto or Das Kapital, or indeed even got so far as to have enough to allow Frederich Engels to make a book out of his rambling notes, because she would have left him in the lurch and he would have been a broken man.  Lefties apt to sneer at marriage and wanting to turn it into sex toy for gay couples should reflect upon the importance of this institution.

One of these Sundays I will pop down to Brompton Cemetery to lay flowers at his grave.  The poor man died of a stroke at 45, and was never married.

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