Friday, 11 October 2013

On British Nationalists who claim they are pagan

I ask this question because the late Jonathan Bowden once claimed he was a pagan in this video.

Are our gods part of our national identity?

Does Jonathan Bowden say he is a pagan not because he really is a pagan but because he feels that to say so makes him more of a nationalist?

Worshiping pagan gods has the effect of excluding the foreigner. I find it difficult to imagine that Bowden really did worship Celtic gods.

I hope that nationalists will forgive me for saying so, but I am almost certain that Bowden's professed paganism was really a nationalist affectation.

It is the last refuge of the beleaguered nationalist, I suppose. The foreigner is now here. Many of them speak better English than the indigenous British, and they also have more money and their women are not known to be mostly uniformly promiscuous. The British nationalist has nothing left but the ancient gods of his forefathers. By claiming to worship them and calling himself an Odinist, he can in this way exclude the foreigner.

After all, the gods of Ancient Britons are his alone. They are his alone because no one wants them, and so he feels safe in claiming these as his, knowing that he will enjoy some security of possession.

A good leader on the other hand would choose the best religion for his people.

The best religion for maintaining morality and thus obtain social cohesion is Islam, in my opinion, but it is the religion of the people they consider backward and barbaric, so that is out of their question.

Imagine a football team competing against another.  One football team has team members who enjoy wine, women and song to the exclusion of everything else, and the other trains hard.  Because the former hates the latter with such fervent intensity, it refuses to do what the latter does, ie train hard. This is why they keep losing to the other team, and will continue to do so until they drink themselves to death or die of some fatal STD.

In this video, Bowden pronounces that Islam is "very right wing".  It is "right-wing" in the sense that it is socially conservative, and being a social conservative is no different to being a fascist or a Nazi these days, as we all know.

Verily, God will not change the lot of those who will not change what is in their hearts.

If they knew any Classical history, they would have noticed that the Romans adopted the Greek pantheon lock stock and barrel, and renamed the Greek gods in Latin.  That was enough to effect the acquisition.

Sadly, however, the typical British nationalist has no interest in religion, philosophy or ideas. He knows he hates his government who let in the immigrants whom he also loathes, and that is the extent of his thought processes.

Nationalists are not interested in listening to new ideas or discussing them, nor in pursuing the logic of any conclusion, if it means attracting any sort of opprobrium from fellow nationalists. They know, of course, how nasty, vicious and malicious they can be to each other.

When they are displeased with each other, they will be accused of being a nonce or a Red, excluded from meetings or expelled from their party, and that will be the end of their political ambitions.

What they like doing is campaigning incompetently and losing elections, holding little meetings that discuss but do not decide, running their parties in an amateurish and unprofessional way and discussing their conspiracy theories.

Like women, all they want is a good whinge. They do not trust themselves to rigorously implement any solution with consistency or competence, you see.

When women whinge at you about their trials and tribulations, they only want a listening ear and a sympathetic demeanor. If you dare to suggest a practical solution they will be offended and angry at your presumption and make a point of punishing you for it.

Nationalists are really no more than white niggers, as a white and nationalist female Facebook friend pointed out to me today.

Sophia Stewart
Sophia Stewart11 October 14:51
This is why Nationalists will never get anywhere. A bunch of useless whining white niggers.

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