Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Western foreign policy is driven by Western man's oppression by Western woman

When you think of all the countries the West has invaded and bombed, you may wonder what they are doing it for and who is benefiting.

In fact, even if you believed in all the conspiracy theories it still makes no sense. I suspect the truth is actually surprisingly simple.

Because the Western man is afraid of his women, he can only take it out on Muslims by bombing them to make him feel a man again.

Anyway, that's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

We know men kick their dogs if they have had a bad day at work.

We know men take it out on their wives when they have a bad day.

We know children can be very cruel indeed to animals, because it makes them feel powerful to stamp on ants or torture the cat.

The recent wars make no sense at all. It is not in the national interest, it is not popular with the voters. The only way it can be explained it is that it is a behavioural addiction or compulsion.

Cameron has form for being pussywhipped.

You could say that the current Western policy was caused by its pre-existing pro-Israeli policy.

Now, why would gentiles defend Israel and treat Israel as if it were flesh of its flesh and bone of its bone?

One of the feminine vices is denial.

Why would women deny the truth more than men?

Because there is not much they can do about whatever that is bothering them except put up with it.

Once a society becomes feminised it will take on feminine vices even though masculine courses of action remain available to it.

The fact is that US foreign policy is crafted to the imperatives of the Israel lobby. The fact is that UK foreign policy is whatever US foreign policy is ie crafted to the imperatives of the US and UK Israel lobby.

Why is this so? Because of the divisiveness of representative democracy.

Have you noticed that the LibLabCon as well as UKIP now has its own Friends of Israel branch?  No Friends of Israel no funding, and we know how desperate for funds these political parties are, don't we?

Why will the West do nothing to correct this?

Because they have become feminine, irrational and the matriarchy they live under hypocritical, cowardly and tyrannical.

Because the truth is SHAMEFUL.

For, once you acknowledge the truth, you would have to act upon it. To act upon it would be to dismantle representative democracy and install a theocratic one-party state. No wonder our politicians shrink from even peeking at the truth.

If all this were done it would make us like Iran, would it not?

But I like to think we would be better than that.  I find the Persians a very handsome and gracious people in any case.  

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