Tuesday, 1 April 2014

More PR ineptitude being displayed by the BNP

Nick Griffin Says BNP Food Banks 'Are For Indigenous Britons Only'

There is a criminal offence called “treating” which specifically relates to giving food, but this requires “a corrupt intent” to influence voters.

I suppose they will start whingeing about being victimised cos they is white, but this is just the law.  They are obviously going around giving food to people whom they hope will vote for them.  This corrupt intent is irrefutable, I am afraid.

I wouldn't be soliciting votes from people who need food from food banks, sorry. I would be trying to attract the votes of the lower middle classes ie white van man and small businesses.

I would be trying to attract the votes of people who don't think UKIP have gone far enough in opposing gay marriage and who are disgusting by Nigel Farage's moral cowardice in punishing Donna Edmunds for in effect saying she wants the Equality Act 2010 repealed.

Repeal all totalitarian anti-discrimination thought-crime legislation

Petition published by Claire Khaw on Mar 28, 2014
8 Signatures 

Petition Background (Preamble):

The Equality Act 2010 is thought-crime legislation because this Act of Parliament gives the state its power to make illegal our innate ability to to think our thoughts and act upon them. It allows our government to forbid us from discriminating in favour of what we want and against what we do not want, for Politically Correct reasons.

We no longer have a right to act in our own interests, and it infringes on our freedom of belief, freedom of expression as well as our freedom of contract and freedom of association. Such THOUGHT-CRIME legislation criminalising views that go against PC Liberalism must have no place in any society presuming to call itself liberal.

Also, it burdens small businesses with unnecessary costs and makes British businesses uncompetitive.


We, the undersigned, call on all UK political parties to propose repealing the Equality Act 2010 in their respective manifestos.

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