Thursday, 1 May 2014

What is British culture and what are British values?

When nationalists talk about the loss of their culture, how do they think it has been lost? Was it lost through those degenerate fuckers not getting married and staying married? Was it lost through their tolerance of sluts and bastards? They have no culture to speak of anyway apart from football culture, TV culture, pop culture, drug culture and pub culture and no one is stopping them from practising their "culture". Indeed, the political establishment actually encourages all of the above, eg TOWIE, BIG BROTHER, X FACTOR, BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT, HOLLYOAKS and the other shit we get on terrestrial TV. What what the fuck hell are they on about then?

I think what they are on about is that they see other races practising their culture and they hate that and want to stop other races from pracisting their culture by sending them "home". We already know that nationalists have no culture to speak of because there is nothing to working class culture, is there? How many nationalists are Morris dancers? What else is there to English culture?

When nationalists talk about their culture but cannot describe what it is (because there is nothing to it and the culture that they practise is only football culture, pop culture, TV culture, drug culture and pub culture), are they degenerate?

If you and your race. society and civilisation are degenerate should you be surprised that you as a man are afraid of criticising omega females and foreigners treat someone they regard as degenerate with contempt?

Do you consider the culture of Britain to be degenerate?

Men in a matriarchy afraid to call for the re-establishment of the patriarchy are degenerate swine. Agree/Disagree

A society whose politicians treat the right to have extramarital sex as sacred and supporting marriage as profane is undoubtedly degenerate. Agree/Disagree

In a matriarchy politicians do not treat marriage as sacred but the right to have extramarital sex as sacred.  Agree/Disagree

Is British culture Dipso, Fatso, Bingo, Tesco, ASBO and Paedo?

Is that all there is to it? If not, what else is there?

Why do the British demand that Muslims join them in their degeneracy?

When I googled "British values" I got this story at

Why does Jack Straw want to turn the sons and daughters of Muslims parents into degenerate sluts, bastards and MCSFs?

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