Thursday, 10 July 2014

A pro-Israeli view of a British gentile

"According to ABC News, Hamas rockets can now reach half of Israel's population. Today they aimed at a nuclear reactor, though the rocket was shot down. Why put up with this?

I am watching shouting Palestinians on the news. They are like Middle-Eastern Liverpudlians. If I were Israel I would deport all the remaining Palestinians to surrounding Arab countries. There is no such country as Palestine, after all.

Allowing them to continue to occupy the Gaza strip is merely fashioning a rod for one's own back. When they are all gone people will soon forget they were ever there. This would be better than bombing their women and children every few years in reprisal for rocket attacks. Best idea is to move them a safe distance away. In fact, as an Israeli I wouldn't tolerate a settlement so near my borders that was sending rockets further and further into my territory. As always, I am amazed at the forbearance of Israel."

"It could reduce the constant claims of 'genocide' and eliminate the need for regular bombing by annexing Gaza once and for all, dismantling Hamas and humanely deporting the remaining Palestinians. It is what Russia or a genuinely strong country would do. Having to live alongside a bunch of constantly rebellious Palestinians must be humiliating for Israel. It would be as if the United States had failed to deal properly with the Red Indians so the Americans are still attacked whenever they venture into the great plains!"

"Israel will no doubt attract international condemnation for bombing a disabled care home, but what good does tit for tat bombing do? Case for conquering Gaza seems unanswerable."

"It would be quite reasonable for Israelis to force regime change in Gaza, the administer the territory until it no longer poses a threat. Indeed, concessions could even be made to a less belligerent Palestine, just as smart new sports facilities were built in Brixton to discourage locals from rioting in the future. Israel hasn't really grown up enough as a nation: it worried about world opinion, yet Hamas easily beats in the propaganda war." 

Why is the West indifferent to the fate of Palestinian Arabs in Israel?

Not only is the West indifferent to the Palestinian Arabs, they are also indifferent to the Israelis.  If either side completely exterminated each other, the average gentile non-Muslim British voter would only shrug his shoulders. This is because the average gentile non-Muslim voter has distrusted the Jew for centuries and certainly dislikes having Muslims in his country.

Campaigning Muslims against the suffering of Muslims like Asghar Bukhari are barking up the wrong tree. Not only are gentile non-Muslim Britons indifferent to the death of Palestinian Muslims, they are also indifferent to the Israelis. Worse, British Muslims are also indifferent to the death and suffering of Muslims in other countries.

The only way to make them care is to offer a solution.  My solution is Secular Koranism which for some reason Asghar refuses to discuss.

I am basically saying:

  1. The Israel project will fail unless Israel is a theocracy, because God did not want diaspora Jews coming back and just turning the modern state of Israel into a mere colonial outpost to provoke its Muslim neighbours. 
  2. The Old Testament is too harsh stoning people to death at the drop of a hat.  
  3. The New Testament is too vague and caused the Inquisition to be inflicted on Jews and Muslims.
  4. The Koran is the Goldilocks religion for Israel.  
  5. If Islam is "Judaism Lite", then Secular Koranism is "Islam Lite". 
  6. A Caliph is basically a leader governing his state in accordance with Koranic principles.
  7. A Caliphate is state governed according to Koranic principles.
  8. Once Israel is a Caliphate governed by a Caliph, then the Jews, Christians and Muslims in it can co-exist together in one unitary state in a co-mingled crowed. 17:104 
  9. Judaism = Thesis; Christianity = Antithesis; Islam = Synthesis.
  10. All the Abrahamic faiths promote the same moral values of a patriarchy and all worship the same God. The only issue is which religion gives guidelines that would achieve human flourishing in this life.  
  11. Secular Koranism is a completely new idea that most orthodox Muslims hate and cannot bear to discuss.
  12. Secular Koranism, while a theocracy in the sense that it is about infusing the laws of your country with Koranic principles, does not require anyone to convert to Islam nor will there be a corruptible priesthood be brought into existence to administer its laws. Any secular judiciary is capable of interpreting and applying Koranic principles if they are made aware of them.  
  13. Under Secular Koranism brothels would be legal.
  14. Under Secular Koranism a man may have up to four wives, if he has the means and the temperament to deal with 4 mothers-in law.  
  15. Under Secular Koranism husbands may chastise their recalcitrant wives in the manner described at
  16. Under Secular Koranism there will be slut-shaming.
  17. Under Secular Koranism we will have government by referenda.
  18. Under Secular Koranism usury will be abolished and we can all default on our debts and start again.
  19. Under Secular Koranism the citizen will have a constitutional right not to be taxed more than a flat rate income tax of 20%.
  20. Secular Koranism will abolish all totalitarian thought-crime anti-discrimination legislation, because the Koran states that "There is no compulsion in belief." 2:256
  21. Secular Koranism will also abolish no fault divorce and require couples to agree marriage contracts before they can legally marry so that in the event of a divorce fault can be easily apportioned. In any divorce fault starts at 50/50 because at the very least the parties chose the wrong person to marry and must accept responsibility for that.

White Muslim convert refuses to discuss Secular Koranism presumably because he does not want to upset Asian Muslims

The national and international uses of Secular Koranism

How Secular Koranism would get taxpayers a flat rate income tax of 20%

How Secular Koranism would help gender and marital relations in the East and West

Secular Koranism would legalise brothels to break up existing matriarchal control of the supply of sex from sluts. A patriarchy would see to it that supply of sex would be mainly from wives and prostitutes.


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