Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Claire Khaw's advice to Rozanne Duncan expelled from UKIP for her allegedly "jaw-dropping" comments

Ms Duncan has been expelled by UKIP for "bringing the party into disrepute" but we still have no idea what she actually said and will not know what she said until the BBC documentary is finally broadcast in February 2015.

She was expelled on 20 December 2014 according to

One cannot help but think that it might prove to be a bit of an anti-climax since she must have known she was being interviewed by the Blibtard Broadcasting Corporation. Kerry Smith, the ex-UKIP PPC was made to resign after a telephone conversation he thought was private was leaked to the Mail.

This conversation was not leaked by UKIP's opponents but came from within UKIP itself the members of which are now ratting on each other in order to jockey for position to become PPCs in the hope of becoming MPs.

The power that be in UKIP are have decided that Rozanne Duncan be tried by media.

While no one has the faintest idea of what her "jaw-dropping" comments to the BBC were, everyone is now convinced that they were indeed "jaw-dropping".

No doubt when they are finally broadcast sometime in February 2015, jaws will all obediently drop, though it strikes me that they cannot be that bad if she knew she was being interviewed for the BBC and must have been watching her words if she had had her wits about her.

If UKIP are going to expel her for bringing the party into disrepute, then time should not begin to run until the day her allegedly "jaw-dropping" comments have been broadcast, and it should be from that date in February 2015 that the 28 days she has to appeal from her expulsion should run.

Even a careful reading of does not disclose a Rule 15 that she is alleged to have infringed at, since the UKIP constitution only goes as far as Rule 14.

She should inform UKIP as soon as possible that while she accepts it is theoretically possible for her to be found guilty of bringing the party into disrepute  - a very wide and vague catch-all accusation - none of this can be decided by UKIP until the British public has had a chance to react to what she actually said.

The only way of objectively measuring if she has brought the party into disrepute can be established only by the asking of these two questions in a YouGov poll.

  1. Are you considering or have you ever considered voting for UKIP in GE 2015?
  2. What has Rozanne Duncan's allegedly "jaw-dropping" comments had on your intention to vote UKIP? (a) No effect at all, I was never going to vote for that bunch of racists anyway. (b) They are so "jaw-dropping" they have made me decide not to even though I was planning to vote for them. (c) Those allegedly "jaw-dropping" comments have strengthened my resolve to vote UKIP.

At the moment it is the UKIP leadership itself bringing the party into disrepute by the way it has abused the rights of its members and then broadcasting this fact to the media.

I would actually be delighted to assist her and represent her in this regard since I find the lack of protection and due process all members of all parties suffer from disgraceful and corrupt.

Ukip have expelled a prominent local councillor who is understood to have links with a far-Right group, it emerged last night.

What does this mean exactly? I am sure she has never been a member of the BNP, unlike me. Perhaps she was once seen having a conversation with a BNP supporter? Who knows?

If this woman is going to be purged as being too plebeian and foot in the mouth to represent UKIP as PPC as Kerry Smith was, as many are about to, then let them be purged, but let there also be due process.

Winston McKenzie has also been suspended, not on grounds of his race as many would instantly assume but because he is not the brightest bulb in the box and because he is known for being more than a bit of a clown.

If UKIP expel her she can always jump ship to the BNP whom I am sure would receive her with open arms, but I hope she will dispute her expulsion for as long as possible when it has been done in such a disgracefully high-handed way that are clearly against the rules of natural justice as well as being dementedly illogical.

How on earth can this woman be said to have brought UKIP into disrepute by words said in an interview not yet broadcast when what she said has not been made public? 

Her expulsion cannot be said to take effect until that interview is broadcast and she cannot be said to have brought the party into disrepute until the YouGov poll I have proposed is conducted and the results disclosed. 

If UKIP have been brought into disrepute it is by the way its members are ratting on each other making true the observation that the people whom you should most fear in politics are the people who are supposed to be on your side.

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