Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Danny Finkelstein complains of Guardian readers making antisemitic comments about David Baddiel's piece on antisemitism

Do Jews consciously or unconsciously provoke antisemitism and then complain about it?  Am I allowed to ask this question or will the cops be called on me in the land of "free speech" that is the West?

Sadly, the more Jews complain about antisemitism, the more people will hate them for even complaining.

The cleverer they are at getting governments to pass ever more restrictive laws against free speech such as Holocaust Denial, the more people will think there is a sinister Jewish conspiracy.

What I think is the problem is explained at

Also, Jews get blamed for what goes on in publishing, but it is my contention that the problem in publishing - increasing censoriousness, mediocrity and risk-averse behaviour - is not Jews being a problem but due to the fact that women have taken over publishing and the BBC. Women are obviously and objectively more libtard than men -  83% of female MPs voted for gay marriage while only 48% of male MPs did - and men these days have been so emasculated by feminism that they are afraid of saying boo to a feminist out of fear of being accused of misogyny, rape or a historical sexual offence. Not only would they lose their job, they might even lose their wife who, under the rules of no fault divorce, can easily deprive them of their home and their children for no good reason eg objecting to their husband's political views and wishing to punish them for that.

Feminists seize publishing

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