Sunday, 7 December 2014

David Irving may be banned from the US and continues to be *victimised* by Western governments who pride themselves on their "free speech"

Sunday, 7 December 2014
To: Claire Khaw 

Dear Claire,

I'm not writing just because it's Christmas, but because it is something like an emergency. I've beaten Germany, where the permanent ban (imposed in November 1993) has this month been lifted after two Court hearings and a three-year battle by my brave lawyer - because such a ban violates European law, which did not exist when it was slapped on me. The Court even ordered the Bavarian Government to pay all the costs.

But now a new ban threatens or may be already in place, the United States - I will find out when I apply for a new visa to replace the costly one they tore up. I fear that the USA has joined Canada, New Zealand, Australia - where I can't even visit my daughter and her family - and other countries where the enemies of Real History have gained the upper hand. I don't have to tell you that this latest one threatens to be the costliest ban of all.

My books are not banned anywhere in the world, nor the videos of me speaking; but I am.

I am working on my last three titles: Himmler, nearly finished; Churchill's War, vol.3, almost complete (vol.1 is at the "shipyard", being refurnished for a new print edition equivalent in quality to the second); and Memoirs, also almost complete.

But I keep running dangerously low in funds, like right now, and I have only you folks as a back-up to fall back on. Since the 1990s mainstream publishers have not dared print my books. So contribute what you can, if you can, by check, cash, or bank transfer. You'll get a personal letter of thanks from me and, if and when I next speak near you, a personal shake of the hand. In my years it has shaken a lot of Hands, I don't have to tell you!

Yours sincerely,
David Irving

If you care about free speech, please send David Irving a Christmas card with a cheque or click the link to donate by credit card. 

It is shameful how he has been victimised for having an alternative version of history.  

What number is Holocaust Denial?

Why should saying the wrong number result in career and social death?

Why can't any of us discuss this without being victimised by our governments?

Why even pretend we have free speech?

Free speech: the free speech of people whose views you dislike is your free speech too.

British establishment more invested in the idea of punishing David Irving than Zionist Jews

Please cheer David Irving up by making him a credit transfer or sending him both a cheque and a scratch card.

David Irving - imprisoned for saying the wrong number and giving a version of history that departed from the victor's version in the "free" West.

Please give generously to free speech and make David Irving feel that he did the right thing in standing up for what he believes to be the truth. He didn't have to do this and could easily have been a successful TV historian if he had decided to parrot the victor's version.

Polish company says Nazi toys are a ‘fun way’ to learn about history

David Irving told us that in wartime he would look at the Gamages catalogue and dream of all the toys he wanted and couldn't have.  He was told he couldn't have toys because of a nasty man called Hitler and that was what really made him become a historian.  

Please give generously to David Irving, and to free speech, especially for historians. If we do not learn from history we will be condemned to repeat our mistakes.

Marx: "History first enacts itself  as tragedy, then repeats itself as farce."

British establishment more invested in the idea of punishing David Irving than Zionist Jews

Buy WW1, get WW2 *absolutely free*! How to lose your World Empire acquired with the blood, sweat and tears of your ancestors in 30 years

Second Thirty Years' War

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