Friday, 26 December 2014

YouGov polls UKIP could be conducting now

If you have every considered voting UKIP, please answer the following questions:

Has feminism gone too far? Yes/No

Does feminism undermine marriage? Yes/No

Does undermining marriage undermine social conhesion? Yes/No

Is the purpose of social cohesion to protect society from its internal and external enemies? Yes/No

Are sluts and socialists always the internal enemies of society? Yes/No

"Feminism is supported by totalitarian anti-discrimination which undermines the principle of freedom of contract." Agree/Disagree

"Our liberties rest on the foundations of (1) the right to property (2) freedom of expression (3) freedom of contract (4) freedom of association and feminism undermines all of them." Agree/Disagree

"Men these days do not acquire any financial, social or emotional advantages when they marry, only the fear of being divorced by their wives for any reason whatsoever under the unfair and ruinous terms of no-fault divorce."  Agree/Disagree

"Most women in Britain are sluts, and that is why most British mothers are Slut Single Mothers."  Agree/Disagree

If people deserve the government they get, then what kind of government do a people who are mostly bastards and whose women are mostly sluts deserve? (a) Good government (b) The government they deserve

"If most men do not marry then most of the next generation will be illegitimate, with all the connotations of being a bastard brought up by a slut mother entails: of degeneracy, bad-parenting, under-achievement, delinquency, criminality, being abused in care homes by child sex predators after being abandoned into a care home by its immoral, stupid and irresponsible mother.  If the Conservative Party does not dare address this issue then this duty falls on the narrow weak shoulders of Nigel Farage whose mother we already know is an exhibitionist.  Men are everywhere compromised by the morals of their women and congenitally afraid of confronting them." Agree/Disagree

"If all men including leaders of all the political parties of Britain - and this includes the Prime Minister - are afraid of confronting sluts, then this means that all British men are lower than sluts and Slut Single Mothers." Agree/Disagree

"If all British men are lower than sluts and Slut Single Mothers, then it is no surprise at all that Muslims in Britain, whose religion tells them to lash 100 times those convicted of extramarital sex are, would refuse to integrate, for to integrate in this regard would mean suffering the same symptoms of effeminacy, degeneracy and depravity and passing this on to the next generation like a hereditary disease."  Agree/Disagree

Should UKIP be uncompromisingly denouncing the pointless wars the UK government has been embroiling its Armed Forces in since 2001? Yes/No

"The lower the morals of women, the lower the morals of men." Agree/Disagree

"The moment men say that there is nothing wrong in women having extramarital and premarital sex, men will start becoming lower than the Slut Single Mother (SSM) and come the slave of her." Agree/Disagree

"While it is understandable that we should be afraid of an enemy who is cleverer, richer and stronger than us, it is despicable and contemptible to submit to an enemy that one knows to be stupider, poorer and weaker than us because we want to have sex with her." Agree/Disagree

"A civilisation whose men are afraid of sluts and Slut Single Mothers cannot survive, let alone prosper, and would only become weaker, poorer and more degenerate the longer men remain afraid of confronting and challenging feminism." Agree/Disagree

"The operation of democracy in an environment of indiscriminate universal suffrage prevents mistakes from being corrected." Agree/Disagree

"The moment UKIP proposes that there shall be no representation without taxation, it will be declaring war on the nanny state whose over-bloated body feeds innumerable parasites at the expense of the productive worker and citizen. If its leader Nigel Farage refuses to grasp this nettle, he will be betraying the libertarian principles he claims to have." Agree/Disagree

"The longer politicians remain incapable of acknowledging the mistakes of the past, the worse the problem will become and the harder it will be to cure. UKIP must work up the courage of acknowledging these problems and propose practicable and reasonable solutions viz repealing the Equality Act 2010 and abolishing no fault divorce after purging the judiciary of its subversive elements viz libtards and feminazis." Agree/Disagree

"Feminism rests on the twin pillars of the Equality Act 2010 and no fault divorce. Once the former is repealed and the latter is abolished, we will have abolished feminism. Once we have abolished feminism, we will have rationally small government again." Agree/Disagree

Should UKIP make a point of not chasing the female vote? Yes/No


Anonymous said...

Agree, Agree, Agree!

Claire Khaw said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!