Monday, 26 January 2015

Claire Khaw's ideas on feminism in harmony with the late Jonathan Bowden's

From the 48th minute:

Feminism hasn't changed women at all because they retain their traditional roles with the option of their modern role.

Jonathan Bowden:

"I think men have been the real recipients of feminist ideology. It is men who have been transformed by it, albeit reluctantly transformed because they feel there is no option but to accept a certain dose of it in order to have some successful private life."

In other words, men only pretend to accept feminism because it gets them pussy.

From the 21st minute:

"No politician can now criticise the single parent family because so many people are now involved in them and they are so much part of the constituent electorate to which one has to appeal. Marriage itself has been relativised almost to a point of semi-invisibility within the culture although there are still quite strong ideological pressures to keep it as a gold standard or as an ideal ... "

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HIGHLAND said...

"As a result of the feminist revolution, 'feminine' becomes an abusive epithet."
~ Wyndham Lewis