Friday, 23 January 2015

Mike Buchanan should surrender his party to me publicly because I am the best antifeminist in Britain

Why am I the better antifeminist?

  1. Because I am female and non-indigenous but understand the white male and can even talk his talk if not walk his walk.
  2. Because I understand social media.
  3. Because I am not a charmless angry little white man.
  4. Because I am not an intellectual coward who refuses to engage with anyone whom I think is better and smarter than me at what I am doing just because I don't want to give him or her the publicity.
  5. Because, years ago, he thought I was a religious fanatic then refused to accept any of my denials or discuss the matter further with me.
  6. Because I am sexier than he is.
  7. Because I am not a beta male like him.
  8. Because I am female with alpha male qualities and people are more likely to listen to me than an angry little beta male whom everyone thinks deserves to suffer for being so bitter and charmless.
  9. Because I say everything that needs to be said quicker, better and in fewer words than he  does.
  10. Because I know that what antifeminists really need to do is demonstrate how pussy-whipped all leaders of political parties are in the West.  
  11. Because I know that to demonstrate how pussy-whipped all leaders of political parties are in Britain all I  need to do is get an honest or reasonably revealing answer from Nigel Farage as to why he does not propose to repeal the Equality Act 2010 in the 2015 UKIP General Election Manifesto.
  12. Because I know that all men in the West - including the supposed alpha male of the West ie the American President - are terrified of incurring female disapproval.
  13. Because I know that most women in the West are sluts and all sluts have the vote.
  14. Because I know that if most female voters are sluts, then most female voters who are mothers must logically and necessarily be Slut Single Mothers who are a burden on the state whose illegitimate offspring will be badly parented and unfit to join the workforce of tomorrow.
  15. Because I know and say that feminism causes immigration, paedophilia and dementia.
  16. Because I say that the franchise should be narrowed to taxpayers only and that there should be no representation without taxation.
  17. Because I can say in one sentence what needs to be done to destroy feminism: "Repeal the Equality Act 2010 and abolish no fault divorce."
  18. Because I know and say that everything about feminism undermines marriage.
  19. Because I know and say that marriage is eugenic while bastardy is dysgenic.
  20. Because I know and say that we live in a matriarchy.
  21. Because I know and say that discovering that you live in a matriarchy is like discovering that your civilisation has cancer and that the condition may be terminal.
  22. Because I know that the operation of democracy prevents any of the above from being acknowledged by party leaders because they are terrified of alienating the female vote.
  23. Because if Mike Buchanan publicly surrenders his party to me acknowledging me to be the better antifeminist, I will increase in stature and my message will be propagated further and wider which means that the voices against feminism will become louder.
Is Mike Buchanan capable of doing what I suggest, or even engaging with me properly?

If not, it is because that angry little man's ego is too big for the angry little man. If anyone one wants to do what I am doing and is better at me than what I am doing, I would certainly co-operate with him, rather than feel so threatened and insecure that I would want to him out of the way because I want to hog the limelight.

Things will be much worse for men at the next election in 2020. If we can get Nigel Farage to even discuss whether feminism causes immigration it would be a start, even if he is too frit to propose the repeal of the totalitarian Equality Act 2010.  

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