Sunday, 15 March 2015

Claire Khaw's Class and Gender Theory of Western Decline

  1. The moment men say it is in order for their women to be fornicating sluts they will become lower than sluts.
  2. Men are lower than sluts if they dare not criticise them.
  3. We know who is in power by those whom we dare not criticise.
  4. Even the US President dares not criticise sluts and he is supposed to be the world's most powerful man.  
  5. The current US President dares not criticise sluts because he knows Slut Single Mothers (SSMs) mostly vote Democrat.
  6. The failure of the Republican candidate Mitt Romney to be elected US President was because female voters realised he was referring to them in his 47% comment.,_2012#47.25_comment
  7. Mitt Romney either did not read or decided not to take on board the advice I gave him at
  8. The patriarchy runs on marriage the way cars run on petrol.
  9. Properly supporting marriage - not just paying lip service to it - means you have to forbid extramarital sex officially and unambiguously by say proposing that Slut Single Mothers be lashed 100 times per bastard.
  10. Proposing to lash Slut Single Mothers 100 times per bastard would of course make the Slut Single Mothers and their running dogs (MCSFs which are explained at have fits of the vapours, and this is what Mike Buchanan, leader of the West's only antifeminist party is not prepared to do, because he is only a beta male, easily frightened. 
  11. Failing to practise marriage means that the matriarchy establishes itself by peopling your society with sluts and bastards, who will be genetically, morally, culturally and economically inferior to married couples and their legitimate offspring.  
  12. Feminism causes immigration because working mothers cause women to not have enough children, fail to parent them properly and probably deprive them of their fathers when they divorce their husbands. 
  13. Feminism causes paedophilia because single mothers neglect and/or abandon their offspring to care homes.
  14. A patriarchy is a society that condones male promiscuity.
  15. A matriarchy is a society that condones and even rewards female promiscuity.
  16. It is easier to be a matriarchy than a patriarchy because it is easier for men to let women fuck whoever they like in the name of sexual liberation hoping one of the men these sluts fancy fucking will be them than to say there should be enforceable rules about who they get knocked up by or see to it that these rules are enforced by law or social disapproval. 
  17. All patriarchies are advanced civilisations and all matriarchies are declining and primitive societies. It has been taboo to criticise the Slut Single Mother since 1974, as Keith Joseph discovered after he made his speech. The crisis of masculinity began in 1974 when a putative alpha male who did so - a Prime Minister in waiting no less - lost his position to a woman, Margaret Thatcher.
  18. If you are an attractive male with charisma and charm you would do OK in a  matriarchy because you would have worked out the unspoken rules and the sluts would be queuing up to suck your cock anyway. (Someone who has probably worked out the rules is Chuka Umunna, tipped to be the next Labour leader after Ed Miliband loses the next General Election.)
  19. The greatest victims of feminism are beta males whom women despise because they find them the opposite of attractive and charming. (This means they find them repulsive and intensely irritating as I am sure many feminists find Mike Buchanan.)
  20. In the days of the patriarchy women would have to settle for a beta male if they can't get themselves an alpha male but want legitimate offspring. (These days they say things like "A few minutes of alpha is better than a lifetime of beta.")
  21. A woman who settles for a beta male will always look upon him as a reminder of her failure when she perceives that he is not as clever, not as adventurous and not as attractive and wealthy as she would like him to be, or worse, perceives that he is not as clever and not as adventurous or wealthy as she is. (This is probably why beta males looking for wives prefer women to be stupider than they are and why Western men find dumb blonds so attractive. Blondness is a sign of childhood and immaturity, which is why emotionally and intellecutally insecure men prefer to deal with women who are childlike and won't question them too much.) 
  22. In the days of the patriarchy a married woman would be regarded to have a higher status than a mere spinster.
  23. The current leader of the only antifeminist political party in the West is beta male Mike Buchanan.
  24. Beta males need the protection of alpha males, but there are no alpha males in the West any more because even the US President - the nominal alpha male of the West - is afraid of criticising sluts who have the vote. 
  25. Indeed, beta males cannot even choose their leader without the interference of women who have the vote. Why do women vote differently from men?
  26. As for the males with alpha qualities, they are doing fine and getting all the pussy they want. If they are even seen to be challenging feminism they would lose access to pussy as well as their status, and perhaps even their matrimonial home and their children, because wives can now divorce their husbands for no good reason at all under the rules of no fault divorce and get half their husband's property and pension. 
  27. What is the problem with Mike Buchanan being a beta male? No beta male will accept the authority of another beta male and Mike Buchanan cannot generate the charisma, charm, confidence and courage to be an alpha male because his personality and narrow outlook and intellect does not allow for the development of charisma, charm, confidence and courage. 
  28. Claire Khaw is female with alpha male qualities, which would be much more useful to antifeminists than a mere beta male like Mike Buchanan too afraid to even ask for what he needs and wants to re-establish the patriarchy.
  29. An alpha male would not feel threatened by me or my ideas and would find them useful, but beta male Mike Buchanan is too intellectually insecure to even discuss my ideas, let alone challenge them, because he already knows what I say is so obviously true and none of my claims can be challenged or undermined.  All he knows is that he must not be seen to be endorsing my views because he is terrified of alienating his female supporters. 
  30. Why do men of other cultures hate and fear the slut? Because they don't want to become like Western men in collective denial over their thraldom to the slut and unable to get out of the fix they are in because every exit out of the matriarchy is now blocked by sluts they are terrified of offending.
Chuka Umunna - a male with alpha qualities  heterosexual female members of the Labour Party will find irresistibly attractive and vote for after Ed Miliband loses the General Election on 7 May 2015. 

The Labour Party should record and publish the percentage of female party members who vote for him and the percentage of male party members who vote for him in the next Labour Party leadership election after Ed Miliband loses the election because he is just not sexy enough.

Mike Buchanan, beta male with the political party dedicated to challenging feminism too intellectually insecure to discuss my ideas or accept my help for his General Election campaign

Mike Buchanan the beta male in his beta male van
Mike Buchanan displays his beta male qualities in his beta male vehicle. 

Janusz Korwin-Mikke, outspoken leader of Poland’s Congress of the New Right.  Part of his distaste for modern Europe is driven by the position of women, who he says have replaced “privileges” with “equal rights”, a phrase Korwin-Mikke spat out as if it was an insult. Most want to stay at home to raise families, and can’t be trusted to vote, said the twice-married father of six. They are also, he claims, “less tall, less heavy, less intelligent, on the average”. And he adds: “Women usually vote for the more handsome man.”

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Chuka Umunna voted very strongly for equal gay rights

Voted very strongly for allowing marriage between two people of same sex