Friday, 20 March 2015

Race has NOTHING to do with why police were initially reluctant to pursue Muslim sex predators shows that even Julie Bindel who hates my guts and blocks me on Twitter act agrees with me! Nobody, but nobody but nobody really cares about teen sluts whose mothers are sluts who carelessly conceived them and then carelessly abandoned them to the care system.

... culture and ethnicity is relevant, but not in the way that the BNP and Ukip would claim. It is relevant because police, already not caring enough about teenage girls being abused, could not be bothered with dealing with the flak of being accused of racism; it is not because they were being ultra-careful not to target an already maligned ethnic group.

The reason there was inaction and poor practice in tackling this crime early on is not political correctness but rather racist cowardice combined with a distaste for the victims. 

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