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Is Rabbi Sacks tough on terrorism and the causes of terrorism?

ISIS and homosexuality are God's punishment on Europe, claims Free Presbyterian minister Ian Brown

  1. The distinction between religion and politics is a distinction without a difference.
  2. War is a continuation of politics by other means.
  3. If there are just wars then there must necessarily and logically be just acts of terrorism.
  4. Terrorism is just a poor man's war.
  5. One man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist.
  6. All acts of terrorism are without exception caused by bad government policy eg feminism (bad domestic policy) and the Wolfowitz Doctrine (bad foreign policy).
  7. It is not what happens to you, it  is how you deal with it. (Did the Austrian Empire deal with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand wisely, considering it was its hysteria that ended up in the destruction of the Austrian Empire?)
  8. Condemning terrorism is a distraction from condemning the criminal enterprise that is Western foreign policy.
  9. While non-combatants are killed by acts of terrorism, even more of them are killed in war.
  10. Imperial nations understandably condemn terrorism because it is their imperialism that causes the terrorism they complain of. 
  11. Religion is just another word for state ideology.
  12. Any state ideology that causes its members to willingly join the armed forces to kill whom they are told is the enemy without the ability or inclination to understand foreign policy serves the same purpose as religion. 
  13. Religion comes from the word "religare" which is Latin for "to bind". To bind what? To bind society. The purpose of religion is to bring about social cohesion to better allow a society to fight its enemies.
  14. The purpose of religion is to impose morality.
  15. Morality tells us what to do and what not to do for the purpose of making us more likely to co-operate with each other and to discourage certain behaviours likely to cause degeneracy and social problems eg widespread bastardy. 
  16. A system of morality obviously fails when, instead of bringing about social cohesion, it causes anomie and social fragmentation, which feminism clearly does. 
  17. Feminism causes immigration but men are still too busy accepting what feminism bribes them with - premarital and gay sex - to work this out.
  18. Man created God to protect him from woman.
  19. The enemies of society are always sluts and socialists and most voters are sluts and socialists in the West. 
  20. Democracy is about not asking people who don't know and don't care about foreign policy what to do for world peace.
  21. God if He exists is Darwinian.  His purpose is to allow those who best obey His laws to triumph overs those who are less good at obeying His laws.
  22. If God exists and assists those who obey His laws, then it follows that He will thwart the plans of those who deny His existence, deny His prophets and flout His laws. (This must include American and her allies, must it not?)
  23. The problems of the West originate in the failure of Christianity and democracy.
  24. Antisemitism is endemic in the Christian West and is entirely a Christian phenomenon.
  25. Both Jews and Muslims are Semitic peoples but the reason why Christians hated Jews and Muslims was not racial, it was because they both denied their precious Trinity. 
  26. If Muslims are now antiseimitic it is caused by Christian nations of the West being vassal states of America while America is under the control of the Israel lobby.
  27. The reason why Western governments are so easily manipulated by the Israel lobby is because representative democracy makes Western nations uniquely vulnerable to its threats and bribes. 
  28. Jews and Muslims have for so many centuries ignored the Bible that they are aghast that Muslims - whom they denounce as fanatics and extremists - should take their own Holy Book seriously.
  29. All the Abrahamic faiths promote patriarchal values and support the institutions of marriage and the family.
  30. All advanced civilisations are patriarchies and all declining and primitive civilisations matriarchies.
  31. A matriarchy establishes itself in the absence of traditional marriage on the foundations of extramarital sex, sodomy and bastardy.
  32. In a matriarchy, all men are lower than sluts, even the Prime Minister and the US President. (This is because most voters will be sluts and their bastards.)
  33. The Trinity is the Achilles heel of Christianity because it is totalitarian. It is totalitarian because it  requires Christians to believe in the absurdity of the Trinity. (If you do not believe in Christ is also God, you are not Christian and only Christians go to heaven.) 
  34. The Church and State had to be separated because the laws of God as contained in the Bible were so vaguely and badly stated that the act of Christians attempting to interpret and apply God's laws would result in Christians killing each other in the European Wars of Religion or burning each other as heretics at the drop of a hat.
  35. Because of the Christian requirement to proclaim the absurdity and lie of the Trinity as if it were the truth, the character of Christians has long since been corrupted and it is for this reason that Christianity and Hypocrisy so often go hand in hand.
  36. The gloating triumph of gay marriage in Catholic Ireland has demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that Christianity is kaput and democracy demented.
  37. The reason why Muslims are killing Christians in sub-Saharan Africa is because Christianity is now associated with the religion of the people who want to spread the disease of gay marriage all over the world.
  38. The West is as Christian as a skeleton used to be human.
  39. The reason why the Catholic Church fell so easily to gay marriage is because a significant number of Catholic clergy is gay.
  40. If you were gay, ambitious, clever, malicious and want to be respected by heterosexual people, what better joke to play on them than to become the Pope or at least a Cardinal or bishop?
  41. The Catholic Church trod the same road of perdition as the Episcopalian Church - it liberalised to get bums on pews. 
  42. If the world's most powerful churches have fallen to gay marriage, why would any sane and decent person want to join the religion of people who support gay marriage thereby risking being killed by Muslims if they live in sub-Saharan Africa?
  43. The nicer Western Christians are to LGBTs, the nastier non-Western governments in Africa will be to theirs eg Uganda, Zimbabwe.
  44. Christianity is now so morally rotten that not only do its clergy not forbid sin or propagate Catholic teaching, they now encourage it in order to retain their status and income.
  45. Much of the Christian deference to Jews now is result of guilt over how badly Jews have been treated by Christians for so many centuries.
  46. Much of the Christian fear and hatred of Muslims is the fear that Islam will supersede Christianity. 
  47. Most people who call themselves Christians do not really believe in the Trinity. They are just pretending to be Christian and going to church to get their children into a decent church school because they can't afford school fees.
  48. It is perfectly possible for the Pope not to believe in the Trinity, though it entirely understandable that he would claim to believe Christ is also God just to keep his job. 
  49. The Archbishop of Canterbury is so theologically ignorant he does not even know he is supposed to believe in the Trinity.
  50. Christianity is no longer fit for the purpose of maintaining morality and is in fact a moral vacuum. 
  51. Nature abhors a vacuum and it is inevitable that Islam will fill the moral vacuum that is Christianity.
  52. Christianity is now infested by feminists and LGBTs as well as men with third rate minds afraid of women with second rate minds. 
  53. The Church of England was created in order to be a Creature of the State and the state is now PC Liberal - not only condoning but promoting extramarital sex. 
  54. The Catholic Church is under the thumb of the international matriarchy because it knows that if it does not toe the PC Libtard line the international matriarchy will accuse and convict its clergy of historic sexual offences.
  55. When the Catholic Church had power it abused it by imposing the Inquisition probably as a reaction and revenge against having the absurdity of the Trinity mocked by Jews and Muslims.
  56. Islam is the only reliable source of social conservatism left in the West.
  57. If Islam is Judaism Lite, then Secular Koranism is Islam Lite.
  58. Secular Koranism is not religion, but a legal system, like EU law. (It is possible for EU lawyers to be Eurosceptic.)
  59. Secular Koranism is for socially conservative Jews, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists as well as socially conservative atheists and agnostics.
  60. No law in the Koran is inconsistent with Jewish and Christian principles.
  61. The Koran is more liberal than the Bible, has a whole chapter on divorce, gives women more rights and tolerates brothel-keeping.
  62. ISIS is the patriarchy rebelling against the dead hand of matriarchal Western imperialism.
  63. The only way to solve the problem of Israel is for it to become a one-party theocracy under the principles of Secular Koranism.

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