Saturday, 16 January 2016

Judgy Bitch wonders why feminists won't challenge Radical Islam

Feminists are largely spoiled, middle-class white girls unaccustomed to concepts like accountability or responsibility, and courage is a rare sight with this lot.

‘Well, we don’t know that migrants did it,’ said a former Oxford graduate. I said we did know, and it hadn’t been reported for five days. ‘Well the greater good of the community is more important than the rights of the individual,’ she said. I asked her to repeat that so we could really hear what she’d said and was it was OK then, for migrant men to attack women and get away with it?

‘Yes, there was an argument for that,’ she said quite seriously. Another neighbour, from Romania, opined that on no account should the ethnicity of criminals ever be mentioned because it might stigmatise a community. ‘That is far too dangerous,’ he said.

These women probably fantasise about being gang-raped by these migrant Muslim marauders because they are so sick and tired of weak and watery white men who are afraid of them eg the male German politicians who are too afraid to punish Angela Merkel for opening the floodgates.

Who are these feminists who are still going out of their way to be pro-migrant?
The most frequently cited hypothesis for why women fantasize of being forced and coerced into some sexual activity is that the fantasy avoids societally induced guilt—the woman does not have to admit responsibility for her sexual desires and behavior.
Infantilised and indulged women would fit the bill ie Feminist-Sluts who take no responsibility for their egregiously low standards of sexual morality and who have probably watched too much free online porn.

Isn't it disgusting and contemptible that Western men defer to these sluts just because they have the vote?

What is worse than being a stupid slut?

Being a man who is afraid of stupid sluts.

What is even worse than being a man who is afraid of stupid sluts?

Discovering that all the men in your society are afraid of stupid sluts, including Peter Hitchens and Roger Scruton, Britain's only Conservative thinkers that anyone will have heard of.

How do I know they are afraid?

Because Roger Scruton refuses to discuss feminism and says he agrees with everything Christina Hoff Somers says, and she has refused to denounce feminism.

Because Peter Hitchens said he supports feminism.

Why Peter Hitchens is all talk and no trousers

Middle class feminazis who welcome migrants

Female journalists who are pro-migrant

Why Females Prefer Immigrant Males

Now what was the name of that woman who ran an inn and who may have been a prostitute in Jericho who let all the invaders in?

What do you think of this man who praises this "journalism"? Do you think he is a mangina who fancies Emma Jane Kirby?

Below are the words of a civilly-partnered gay man.

There is no information on this male tweeter's profile, but I don't think he is what you might call the average bloke.

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