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Justin Webb interviewing two women from Germany about Cologne attacks on New Year's Day 2016

Chancellor Angela Merkel has said Germany must have a "fundamental" debate about how to integrate new migrants after a wave of sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve which have been blamed on migrants. Speaking in the programme is journalist and activist Kubra Gumusay and editor-in-chief of Bild Zeitung - Germany’s most read newspaper - Tanit Koch.

Kubra Gamusay is an oxymoronic Muslim Feminist, which Justin Webb omitted to mention. You can hear her witter on about Muslim feminism at

Bild Zeitung is the German equivalent of The Sun, which Webb also omitted to mention.

Despite being often recognised as a right-wing publication, in January 2015 Bild began a petition against PEGIDA, an anti-Islamisation protest group.


Germany is having an anguished debate about the attacks around New Year on women walking in and around the railway station in Cologne. The Right accuse the establishment of covering up the crimes of Muslim immigrants, including some from Syria and North Africa. The establishment is reacting in pretty pained fashion. Angela Merkel speaking yesterday in Berlin saying deportation should be considered for foreigners who commit crimes. Let's talk to Kubra Gumasay who is a journalist and activist in Hamburg and to Tanit Koch who is Editor In Chief of Bild Zeitung which is Germany's most-read newspaper. Good morning to you both. 

The wittering women chorus:

Good morning, Justin! 


Kubra, first of all: does everyone accept now this was mishandled?


Well certainly yes especially since after the events it was found out that many women who have been sexually assaulted had struggled and reporting especially the way the victims have been dealt with. There were quite a few problems with the event in specific but in general what we have right now is a problem in the way we talk about these topics. Sexism is an issue in Germany not only within the immigrant community but also within the immigrant communities. We are now having a debate that focuses on the other, the immigrant, the refugee as the barbarians who are coming into our country to basically assault our women - those sexist men - and we are now experiencing a very racist turn of the debate. 


Tanit Koch, would that racist turn be avoided if the truth was told earlier about incidents like this?


Absolutely. I am not actually sure there is a "racist turn". There is some issues that haven't been addressed during the last years or decades which should have been addressed before are now in the focus. I absolutely think that the - forgive the language - cock-up by the police and police communication in Cologne certainly has not helped at all but actually worsened the matter of people distrusting the establishment, politicians and the media. 

What I would have said if asked this question:

"Of course not. Germany is now experiencing an unprecedented flood of immigration that is pouring oil on the fire of pre-existing racial tensions caused by uncontrolled immigration and Islamophobia general to liberal democracies towards Islamic State. The foreigners and immigrants the Germans most particularly hate and fear are Muslim migrants, and it is this group that is reported to have molested German women. Xenophobia includes hatred and fear of foreigners, and the most foreign of foreigners are foreigners of another race, especially if their religion has values you already know to be opposed to yours. Islamic State are Muslim and Islamic State jihadis come from Syria and North Africa. The men reported to have molested German women during the New Year were men of that religion coming from precisely these places. The hatred and fear is both racial and religious as well as deeply and undeniably visceral."    


And of course it wasn't just the police, was it, the state broadcasters as well have had to apologise because they didn't report the facts even though they knew them.


Well, they have apologised. I think you shouldn't over-estimate that one incident because that was the [inaudible] of news at seven o'clock and reported the incidents later on that day so they apologise for not doing main news which definitely was a mistake and is absolutely feeding into the trust issue raised by radical right wing movements and parties.

[Of course Koch doesn't want the German public to make too  much of the media not broadcasting the truth, being Editor in Chief of the Bild and therefore part of the media herself!]

Gaby Hinsliff:

Many Germans are asking why politicians, police and broadcasters seem so reluctant to discuss what happened under cover of the crowds (the state broadcaster EZF apologised for not covering the attacks until Tuesday), and whether it’s because the attackers are widely described as looking Arab or north African. Which is why, of course, liberals like me are reluctant to talk about it.

The parallels between German politicians’ discomfort over Cologne and Britain’s response to predominantly Asian gangs grooming girls in Rotherham for sexual exploitation aren’t exact, but there are lessons to be learned.

The first is that pushing victims under the carpet for the sake of cohesion is dangerous. When allegations about older Asian men preying on white girls in northern cities initially surfaced, well over a decade ago, it was the BNP that first took up the cudgels. Unfortunately, that meant journalists and politicians instinctively shied away, wary of giving the BNP publicity.

By trying not to give succour to racists, the risk is that we end up miserably self-censoring.

You really can't trust these liberal cunts, who have absolutely no fucking idea about journalistic integrity, can you? But at least Gaby Hinsliff is coming clean now. Most white middle class women think foreign males are interesting and more worthy of attention than men of their own race and emasculated white men allow them to indulge this preference. They don't even know they are doing it. It is as natural to them as picking up a baby and cooing at it.

What I would have said if asked this question:

"Germans have indeed lost faith in their government and their media, which they now know to be rotten with Political Correctness. It was after all their Chancellor Angela Merkel who invited the migrants to Germany in the first place, only to withdraw her invitation a week later, like an indecisive and neurotic woman who enjoys playing with a man's feelings, just because he allows her to. The suspicion that only pro-migrant reports were allowed by the media was not particular to Germany, for the BBC, CNN and other Western liberal media are just as guilty. The best thing pro-migrant politicians such as Merkel and Reker can do for themselves and their people is to resign, and let those more in touch with the understandable anxieties of the German people take their places. Germany should close its borders, leave the EU and lie down quietly in a dark room and reflect on its future. Denial is a feminine vice and more denial at this stage would only enrage German public opinion. That public life is filled with ranks of vacillating and incompetent women who constantly pull their punches and witter on about their nonsense such as Muslim Feminism and Germany integrating yet more aliens will just infuriate an already irritated and anxious German public. All female journalists guilty of a pro-migrant stance should also resign."
Why Females Prefer Immigrant Males by Simon Sheppard


Kubra Gumasha, do you accept that there is a real risk to not just women's rights actually but other rights as well that our accepted and seen as part of secular modern European society that are not necessarily respected by some of those who come in and that has to be said plainly?


No, I certainly agree that people who come into Germany should who fled to Germany and seek rescue here are not people who went through integration process who have basically declared that they will comply with all of the values here. That certainly hasn't happened so obviously I don't expect that we won't have any issues with that. I mean that is a struggle that we will be something we have to deal with that in the future and I do believe that we will actually be able to manage that, it's just the way we handle it and at this point Germany has missed in the past years the point we should have talked about who we are as a country, who do we mean when we say "we". We have not yet managed to be a society that is inclusive, that speaks of "we" and then includes people who have not been born in Germany but certainly do feel German, who have a German passport, speak the language so what we need right now in Germany is a debate on who we are and who we want to be.

What I would have said if asked this question:

"What has to be said plainly is that no nation that already has an immigrant problem should be accepting any more of these migrants. Those already here can be used as slave labour or have the option of being returned to where they came if they object to being used as slave labour. The perception that these migrant swarms who molest European women are somehow privileged over European men will create a simmering resentment that could be the source of riots and, perhaps, revolution."


Is that the debate you are going to get now, Tanit Koch?


Actually, I think the debate we are going to have is what we expect of people coming into the country that have been treated - as you yourself the BBC have reported - with great hospitality that those people have to understand what our way of life is not just our views but our way of life. I am bit frustrated that in particular Cologne had these appalling incidents because I have lived there myself and Cologne is the party city of Germany which has a history and prides itself on its great tolerance and openness towards people coming into that city from all over the world so the debate is going to be not just how to reassure ourselves of what we are and who we are but also to tackle certain issues that have come into the country because of course when you haven't grown up in Germany you cannot possibly be used to our way of life but people who do not abide with the law simply have to learn that this cannot be accepted. 

What I would have said if asked this question:

"The topics of debate should be as follows:

1) How Europeans managed to get themselves into this situation in the first place. (It was feminism causing the European birth rate to decline that caused the labour shortage making immigrant labour so attractive to governments of senescent and shrinking populations afraid of alienating the female vote by telling women to have more babies earlier and bring them up properly as stay at home wives. The illegitimate offspring of single mothers entering the educational system would inevitably lower standards of education and behaviour making the next generation of indigenous labour less attractive but immigrant labour more attractive as employees to German businesses. A generous welfare state is also a disincentive to work.) The Pill, the Sexual Revolution and abortions- all may share some blame for our dependency on immigration.

2) Where these migrant/refugee swarms came from. They are of course from the countries that NATO so blithely bombed at the behest of the Americans. Even as Hitler plotted to expel the Jews from Germany, he had in mind somewhere to send them - Madagascar. 
Incompetent and short-sighted European governments bombing Syria never even considered for a moment where those escaping their bombing would go - to Europe, as it turned out. The Cost Germany Is Paying For Washington’s Wars

3) If we were a proper dictatorship, our benign dictator would have made the women have enough legitimate children younger and made the proles work, without giving a stuff about their so-called human rights. If this had happened, there would be no need for immigrant labour. Anti-immigration parties should tell their supporters exactly what they have to do if they want to solve the problem: abolish the welfare state, marry earlier, have more children and abolish all anti-discrimination pro-feminist legislation."

Do you just get the feeling that my suggestions will not be acknowledged, let alone discussed in mainstream media?

Do you think ISIS would just let anyone come into their country, molest their women and then let an idiotic Muslim woman who thinks she is a feminist witter on about Islamic State's national identity not being sufficiently inclusive to the kuffar, eh, eh, eh?

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