Thursday, 3 March 2016

The most natural form of government is a leader who is an alpha male

A Caliph is a constitutional dictator, is he not?

A constitutional dictator would be less oppressive and more principled than an unconstitutional autocrat.

The Greeks also had constitutional dictators, called Archons.

A dictator is not necessarily a monarch, although a dictatorship could easily turn into a monarchy or even a dynasty.

An example of a constitutional dictatorship would be a dictatorship limited in time eg a term of office or a dictatorship that promises not to violate certain eg Koranic principles.

Surely most people would rather live under a benign dictatorship than a malign and demented matriarchy?

An example of dementia:

1) Childless old crone of a German woman saying to migrants "Come to Germany" without consulting her colleagues and then changing her mind soon afterwards, like a capricious woman who doesn't know her own mind

2) Stupid German woman's male colleagues not daring to criticise or get rid of her (because of their crisis of masculinity)

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