Monday, 7 November 2016

The US Presidential Elections and the politics of race and sex

It is college-educated women who cannot abide Trump. Polls have suggested that if women did not vote, Trump would easily win by a landslide.

If only women voted, Trump would lose.

Genders divided in the US - if only men voted, Donald Trump would win by a landslide

Don't blame Jews, Communists, Socialists or Cultural Marxists for the decline of Western nations, blame indiscriminate universal suffrage and women who were given the vote and then ended up using it against men by voting for parties that promise more regulation to protect feckless women and higher taxes to support those who ended up husbandless because they believed in feminist propaganda.

Both the women featured in these exchanges intend to vote Democrat: the pretty one and the fat one at

Females are libtard.

So why are women libtard?

Because men prefer women to be kind and stupid, this is what women make themselves appear to be, to make themselves more attractive to the majority of men who have this preference.

However, instead of just being kind and stupid towards men of their own race and nationality, they are also kind and stupid towards men of other races and nationalities, who seem much more interesting than the men of their own race and nation.

Being women, they have the excuse of of their sex to take no interest whatsoever in foreign policy and have no view about the neocon wars which Hillary Clinton keeps waging.

Men are endogamous, women exogamous.

White men who melodramatically complain about white genocide have only themselves to blame if they continue to refuse to shame sluts who have sex with men not their husband.

Sadly, most white men dare not shame sluts for transparently self-serving reasons. Most white men and women are in fact unmarriageable. Being unmarriageable, extramarital sex is the only kind of sex they can ever hope to get. Because their culture and practice of sexual liberation necessitates having more than one sex partner, their perceived status is linked to how many sex partners they can attract and have.

The plight of the white race is a morality tale of lust, one of the seven dead sins. It is certainly deadly to Western civilisation. This morality tale is representative of how urgent and imperative is the male desire for sex. It is also illustrative of how marriage as a practice maintained the quality of the gene pool and how its desecration as an institution resulted in degeneracy and Western malaise.

Those who wish to overthrow the matriarchy and re-establish the patriarchy will find it useful to acknowledge that most men will do almost anything for sex, including marry.

Making sex the privilege of only couples married to each other would prevent unmarriageable people from reproducing and contaminating the gene pool with their bastards, thereby lowering standards.

The only problem is that the white man is hooked on the idea of extramarital sex as his human right and this is an entitlement he will not give it up without a fierce and injurious struggle.

When he regards with horror and loathing brown Muslim immigrants swarming into his previously white country, it is not just racial resentment he feels, but also fear and loathing of their religion which threatens his Culture of Sexual Liberation and Fornication and Sodomy.

Little does he know that it is in embracing Islam that would allow him the means of regaining control of his women again, for all the Abrahamic faiths promote and maintain the patriarchy through their indispensable ingredient of marriage.

No one will see the point of marriage if extramarital sex is easily obtainable, cheap and free, so it must be forbidden and punished. This means sluts must be shamed to significantly restrict the supply of extramarital sex.

What I am doing - proposing that extramarital sex become a sexual offence - is the equivalent of telling the Aztecs to give up human sacrifice.

"Over our dead bodies!" they cry.

But what other solution is there?

“The Conquest of Tenochtitlán” — from the Conquest of México series.
Unknown artists; Mexico; second half of 17th century; oil on canvas. Representing the 1521 Fall of Tenochtitlan, in the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire. Jay I. Kislak Collection; Rare Book and Special Collections Division (26.2).

There are many reasons for the Aztec defeat at the hands of the Spanish in 1521, one of which was the ritual of human sacrifice. Firstly, this bloodthirsty practice made them many enemies among neighbouring tribes. These other tribes formed alliances with the Spanish and helped them defeat the Aztecs. It is also thought that the high number of human sacrifices made each year (up to 20,000) physically affected their chances of success because they simply had fewer people than they could have had to offer a better resistance.


MR said...

If only men weren't a dying breed...

Claire Khaw said...

We women ruin their characters by being sluts.

Perhaps we do it to get their attention in the quickest way we know how.

It is not good for them, and it is not good for us, or our children.

They just can't say to pussy the way we can't say no to a diamond ring and a promise of marriage from a wealthy and powerful man, perhaps.