Friday, 20 January 2017

Two very important essays by F Schmidt that say what I say about sex and God

Feminism is the natural expression of women's changing mating preference in a decaying society.  But let's imagine that we could magically eliminate feminism.  Would this be better for humanity?  I believe that what this would look like is America almost permanently stuck in the 1950s.  As I explained in "The Rise and Fall of Christian Culture", American culture began to break down in the 1800s when religion went from encouraging people to follow Jesus's moral teaching to simply having a personal relationship with Jesus.  With such a change, it was inevitable that society would lose focus on the core issues of sexual morality, and lose the ability of effective enforcement.  In the 1950s, America retained the facade of a moral culture, but underneath society was breaking down.  Women clearly expressed sexual excitement for "bad boys" in movies.  And I am certain that this must have corresponded to a rising adultery rate.  Without feminism, the facade could have remained intact for centuries, with moral men continuing to find wives but these wives cheating on them and having illegitimate children with immoral men.  The genetic breakdown of society would have been much slower, but the ultimate result would have been the same.  So instead of taking decades for society to call apart, it would have taken centuries.  Which is preferable?  I think it is preferable for a morally broken society to fall apart as quickly as possible so that it can be replaced by something else.  Feminism doesn't change the end result, it only speeds it up.  And so I support feminism.

What about the poor suffering moral men in modern culture who can't get women?  One can read the complaints of these men all over the internet.  If you suggest options to these men like using a prostitute or looking abroad, they will tell you that they want validation.  Any moral man who wants validation from a woman in modern culture is simply a moron who deserves to suffer and die without reproducing.  Unlike feminists, he hasn't slightest understanding of evolution.  The only sound evolutionary strategy for moral men is to join together to form moral patriarchal societies.  Such societies are evolutionarily superior to modern culture.  When modern culture has decayed sufficiently, a good moral patriarchal culture should attack modern culture and slaughter all of its men for the genetic good of humanity.

If a woman from the modern culture calls a moral man a loser, the correct response is "I would be a loser if I were a member of your culture, but I am not.  My culture is superior to your culture and my culture will eventually destroy your culture."  Intelligent moral men must reject modern culture and find an alternative.  And from the perspective of an alternative culture, we can recognize feminism as a good thing that is helping to destroy our enemy, namely modern culture.
So evolutionary salvation requires one god and the right god. And the god of the Old Testament is certainly the right god. Are there any others? Are there any other books in this world that address the issues of human evolution even close to the degree that the Old Testament does? None that I know of. And this is why the only means of evolutionary salvation is through God.

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