Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Jews now hinting that Trump is a Holocaust Denier

Why do so many Jews hate any sensible move or gentile leader if he says or does anything to protect his national interest?

I seem to remember Hitler often conflating with Jews with Liberals in Mein Kampf. Perhaps there is an argument that only observant Jews are Jews. Unobservant Jews should not even be alive, according to This means that the halakha, which states that a person is Jewish if his mother is is a damnable innovation, because the Torah should trump all other competing and subsequent views on who is a Jew.

A Liberal Jew is an assimilated Jew.

An assimilated Jew is a Jew that has assimilated into degenerate goyim liberalism.

Will I now be accused of anti-Semitism?

These days, you are accused of being an anti-Semite if a Jew hates you!

If liberals hate truth and logic, then it follows that an assimilated liberal Jew would also hate truth and logic. Sensible observant, conservative and Orthodox Jews tend to agree with me, I find. 

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