Monday, 29 May 2017

How feminism has rotted Western civilisation and why it must be eradicated and replaced

Nothing is forever.

All civilisations rise and fall, and all civilisations are empires consisting of different races.

To keep a multicultural and multiracial empire you need a dominant culture and race.

That dominant race will cease to be dominant if it adopts a toxic culture. Currently, Western culture is toxic because what they think is their culture is nothing to do with religion or tradition.

Tradition is what we do to please our fathers and currently, most Western children do not have a father who shares their home or their mother's bed whose word is the last word in the home.

Western culture such as it is, consists of consumption, sexual liberation and spectator sport.

As Jesus once said, man cannot live by bread and circuses alone, or words to that effect.

Judaism is the most high-maintenance religion of all the Abrahamic faiths. It would be impossible for Judaism to continue if Jewish men could not find Jewish wives prepared to do all the cooking and entertaining required to pass on their Jewish traditions to their Jewish children who will in turn marry Jewish spouses, have Jewish children and give their parents Jewish grandchildren.

I live in England and over the years have noticed that Englishmen have lost their tradition of the Sunday lunch. This is because most of them are now wifeless and deprived of their matrimonial home and children by the rules of no fault divorce. For those who are still married, it seems they cannot find a wife prepared to cook it on Sundays, and are afraid to insist on it for fear of being divorced under the rules of no fault divorce and being deprived of their matrimonial home and children.

Muslim men in Britain seem to have no trouble finding wives who are prepared to do the cooking, although increasingly they are finding themselves being divorced under the rules of no fault divorce too.

The problem is clear, as far as I am concerned, and it is feminism.

The measure of the effectiveness of any religion is how it protects its adherents against feminism.

That is why God has always been associated with patriarchy, and that is why feminists want to destroy it with atheism, sexual liberation and the worship of Mammon. There is even a genre of writing called "chick lit" and it is all about promoting a degenerate culture of sex and shopping, worse than porn.

The eternal battle of the sexes have always centred around how the rules of marriage are observed.

All advanced civilisations are patriarchies, all declining and primitive societies are matriarchies.

The purest matriarchy is a society in which marriage is not practised whose members are all illegitimate.

The purest patriarchy is a society in which all members were born of two married parents living together.

You can't think of a matriarchy because they are, with a few rare exceptions, extinct. Rome became extinct because it became a matriarchy. Troy fell because King Priam decided to protect his son Paris who was an adulterer and then ignored the warning of Cassandra who was known for speaking the truth which no one ever believed ... 

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