Sunday, 7 May 2017

How MSM present neocon wars and who backs them up

If they can't get non-white women, they will get white women, especially white BBC female journalists like the ones at, to whinge for more migrants and refugees to come to the West, but it is better if they use non-white women because these women are supposed to represent the nations and races who are the victims of neocon bombing and it is more convincing coming from them.

The best combo is a non-white woman with a cute baby or child tugging at the heart strings of clueless white female voters who feel obliged to display compassion by nagging or threatening white men eg SJWs and white male politicians into taking steps to do so.

Wake up and wise up, nationalists of both sexes.

Don't let these fuckers get away with it any more.

Have you noticed that the British national interest is never ever discussed?

Why the fuck are we bombing Syria?

Because the neoconning Americans and the "defence" industry want us to and our shit for brains politicians haven't the courage or intelligence to resist them.

Why do we pretend to be surprised that Syrian refugees prefer to go to Europe than head towards Africa when they are fleeing their ravaged country?

Before that question is even asked, the discussion turns towards the plight of the refugees and the sheeple are emotionally bullied into discussing it at great length and then getting precisely nowhere.

The only thing that we are never allowed to discuss is the British national interest and why our MPs always vote for war invasion, bombing and no-fly zones. They must be in the pay of the US neocons and the defence industries, mustn't they?

Or they have shit for brains and vote however their party leader tells them to. 

Fuck this shitty system called liberal democracy. Let's just have a one party theocracy instead.

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