Friday, 12 May 2017

What anti-feminist Erin Pizzey said about anti-feminist Claire Khaw. What will Iben Thranholm say?

In response to my post at

Erin Pizzey:

You take up the energy we need to fight feminism. You seem desperate for attention which is why you waste our time trying to provoke best to simply ignore her posts everyone.

What the admin of Women Against Feminism Chani Randazzo said about Claire Khaw:

I'm not talking about safe spaces. We certainly don't have to all agree. That's not the issue. The issue is that we're supposed to be talking about the harms of Feminism and what should be done to address it. Women Against Feminism is fundamentally a PR campaign. We cannot get changes in the law unless we convince Feminists, the media and the public of 2 things; firstly that Feminism does not equal equality, and secondly that we oppose Feminism because Feminism is sexism. Journalists come here and see Claire's posts and it taints the entire anti-feminist movement for them. Members of the public who are new to the argument see her posts and leave thinking "oh so this is why we need Feminism".

I want to make sure they understand that we do not endorse Claire's views. She advocates for public floggings of "sluts" - people who have committed victimless crimes.

In short, any group that has Claire as a member loses credibility. Anyone who associates with Claire can expect to never be taken seriously. People in positions of power are unwilling to deal with anyone who is associated with Claire.
I am saying that you are the embodiment of what Feminists and the media say about anti-feminists. They characterise us as misogynists who want to return to a time when women had no rights and were allowed no responsibilities. That is what you promote, Claire. You are a misogynist who wants women to have no rights and be permitted no responsibilities.

I actually believed you were a Feminist trying to deliberately harm the movement by presenting it that way so that no one would take it seriously. Then I realised you'd been doing this for years.

You are a Feminist's best friend.

You believe that women should have no rights. You were arguing here yesterday that women are effectively owned by their husbands. You want to control women's sexuality. The only role you permit for women is breeding mother. This is exactly how Feminism wants to characterise the movement against feminism.

We do not endorse your views. Your views are toxic to the movement against feminism. Your views are toxic to the movement for equality. Feminism is sexism. You are sexist.

What will anti-feminist Iben Thranholm who wrote and who is also in the group say?

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