Sunday, 4 June 2017

All political parties in the West too cucked to acknowledge the evils of feminism

Is UKIP going to mention the problem of singly parented schoolchildren dragging educational standards down? Estonia, Czech Republic and Poland are not stuffed to their rafters with singly-parented illegitimate offspring of feckless unmarried mothers like Bristol and the rest of the UK is, are they?

If you feel things in your country are not what they should be, this is the consequence of decades of

  • feminist foreign policy (ignorance, indifference and insouciance about causing and provoking Muslim terrorism)
  • feminist immigration policy (indifference to beta  male and working class complaints about immigration because feminists in charge were invariably middle class and white, and women tend to despise men who are in the class below them and direct their compassion towards other races when they are not married to men of their own race as a manifestation of their thwarted maternal instincts)
  • feminist economic policy (obsession with "growth" in GDP fuelled by spending and borrowing as an erroneous measure of success)
  • feminist educational policy (prizes for all and  mixed ability teaching)
  • feminist social policy (no fault divorce)
  • feminist employment policy (equal pay, maternity pay leading to paternity pay and other rules designed to favour non-white and LGBTs at the expense of white men while making Western labour hopelessly uncompetitive)
  • feminist criminal policy (refusing to punish criminals properly because feminazis want to display their compassion unless the accused are men accused of rape)

UKIP is just as cucked as the rest of the parties about challenging the status quo of prioritising the female preference at the expense of men and the next generation.

If most females are promiscuous, feckless and immoral, then you have a problem, don't you?

Britain has been a matriarchy since 1974 when Keith Joseph got cucked by Slut Single Mothers.  

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