Monday, 3 December 2012

What my detractors so hysterically condemn me for proposing is already happening in UK hospitals has a certain gun and flag photogrpah of me being circulated by people who want me expelled from the Conservative Party, which I have recently joined.

I feel bound to point out that this photograph was taken in April this year before I was a member of the Conservative Party.

The reason why I had it taken was simply to challenge anyone predictably claiming that I am a Nazi to state which Nazi policy they think I support.

It is of course impossible for me to be a Nazi.  For me to be a Nazi, four conditions would have to be satisfied:

1.  I would have to be German-speaking.
2.  I would have to be Aryan.
3.  The Nazi Party would have to be in existence.
4.  I would have to be admitted to the Nazi Party and I really cannot see that happening under Hitler.

I am no more a Nazi than anyone photographed standing outside a police station is a policeman.

Of course, it is the wish of my detractors that I be condemned to obscurity and forced to retire from politics after being expelled from the BNP for saying what I said at

When you have read that link, you will realise that I have at no time proposed the systematic extermination of the disabled, though this is what my more virulent detractors are now hysterically and libellously proclaiming.

The most I have said was that unviable disabled unwanted infants could be "let go" by their parents if that is what their parents wish and what their doctors advise, without getting into trouble with the law and being charged with infanticide.

This is in any case already happening, as you will have to acknowledge once you have read

So I am not as revolutionary as my detractors have made me out to be, after all!

As I understand it, the Conservative Party is a broad church and its constitution so undemocratic that it can contain most trouble-makers.

[I have had my membership cancelled on 20 December 2012. ]

My intention is certainly not to cause trouble for those who are social conservatives in the Conservative Party and therefore genuine conservatives as far as I am concerned, but to help Tories articulate and define what is meant by Conservatism so that its policies and principles become less what the leader says they are, but what they are really meant to be.

While I have said things critical of Cameron in the past, this by no means suggests that my presence in the Conservative Party would necessarily be bad for him politically.

I would venture to say that my presence would add interest to the party and assist in the generation interest in what Conservatism is or ought to be.  Even a Whateverist like Cameron would find my presence helpful as regards attracting favourable attention to the Conservative Party when it finally begins a serious ideological examination of its principles and policies.

Conservatism ought not to be an unquestioning defence of the status quo, whatever that status quo is.   Otherwise, we would find ourselves defending human sacrifice just because our ancestors have been practising it for generations, would we not?

Reform to survive, as articulated in Robert Peel's Tamworth Manifesto still continues to make sense in the 21st century, and this is what I propose is considered by all right-thinking honourable members of the Conservative Party who are not mere party hacks and lobby fodder toeing whatever line they are told to toe.


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