Thursday, 28 August 2014

Why is no journalist asking what Shaun Wright meant when he asked "Why are you picking on Rotherham?"

Are all UK journalists also involved in a cover up?

I actually sympathise with the police who are even now accused of being institutionally racist. Were they supposed to investigate all cases of alleged under-aged sex or just cases of alleged under-aged sex taking place between white females and Asian males? If so, this policy would be rightly flagged as sexist and racist, and I can see exactly why the cops preferred to expend their energy and resources doing something else and not “go there”.

We already know that coppers prefer not to waste their time investigating complaints made by complainants who blow hot and cold, such as in domestic violence cases, don't we?

Understandably, they tend not to take seriously complainants who are known to make a complaint and then subsequently withdraw it and go back to the alleged abuser to resume a physical relationship with him and turning it into a pattern of behaviour.

Understandably, they will regard all these cases of under-aged schoolgirls from certain backgrounds making these complaints as not to be taken seriously.

Even "Emma" admitted that she subsequently went back to her abusers and resumed having sex with them.

What the fuck were the police supposed to do?

Even  if everyone in the police and the local council resigned, the real culprits will still not be apprehended.

Who are the real culprits then?

They are social attitudes - the liberal social attitudes which condone extramarital sex.

Once you condone extramarital sex, you will find yourself condoning under-aged sex. The slippery slope argument has been proven yet again.

How many of you in practice condone under-aged sex?

If you found your under-aged daughter to be sexually active what would you do - put her on on the pill?

That is condoning under-aged sex, isn't it?

We know what happened to the daughter of a British mother who did precisely that.

Oh, and Tracey Emin's mum put her on the pill too when she discovered that Emin was having under-aged sex.

So, what are we asking the police to do?

Not bother if the under-aged female is having sex with a under-aged boy of her age?

Not bother if the under-aged female is having sex with an under-aged boy of her age and race?

What age does the male having sex with the under-aged girl have to be for the police start taking an interest?

Why have an age of consent if in practice people ignore it anyway and get away with it?


Lord Fraser of Tullybelton,_Baron_Fraser_of_Tullybelton
Lord Scarman
Lord Bridge of Harwich
Lord Brandon of Oakbrook
Lord Templeman

also guilty of condoning under-aged sex?

If it quacks like duck, walks like a duck, is it a duck?

"the court held that 'parental rights' did not exist, other than to safeguard the best interests of a minor."

What is the definition of the best interests of a minor? When a knocked-up schoolgirl wants an abortion, of course.

What if the knocked-up schoolgirl doesn't want an abortion but its parents do? The knocked-up schoolgirl gets to have it in defiance of her parents' wishes, of course, who may then kick her out out of the family home, but then the state will give her council accommodation.  

Are the police aware of the concept of Gillick competence?

Should the police be made aware of the concept of Gillick competence?

Should the police be expected to apply the rule of Gillick competence?

What is this principle exactly that establishes that an under-aged girl already having under-aged sex is legally competent to obtain contraception and abortions without telling her parents? It is the Gillick principle. Poor Mrs Gillick whose crowning humiliation was to have this principle named after her by liberal judges ...

When a fish rots, it rots from the head down, does it not?

Have you had under-aged sex?

Do you have friends who have had under-aged sex?

Have you or any of your friends ever made jokes about children having under-aged sex?

Do you think an adult woman in authority such as a teacher seducing an under-aged boy is funny?

Do you as a man wish you had enjoyed the experience of under-aged sex?

Then you would condone under-aged sex in general, wouldn't you?

In this kind of environment, do you think sex predators of any race and religion would make the most of the easy pickings available, with so much low-hanging fruit, so to speak?

Do you think this is a Muslim problem or a social attitudes problem?

Do you think unfit mothers who don't care what their daughters get up and/or who have abandoned them to care homes have no responsibility at all for this state of affairs?

Do you find it easier and more convenient to blame Muslims and Islam for this rather than blame the lax social  attitudes of non-Muslim Britons towards extramarital sex that has resulted in this state of affairs?

Are you an Islamophobe who relishes the the idea of blaming Muslims and Islam for a state of affairs that your own culture and morality is really responsible for?

Have you always hated Muslims anyway?

Finally, again, can you answer the question of what you think Shaun Wright meant when he asked "Why are you picking on Rotheram?"


Umair said...

I always wonder when hearing of these cases....

What were the parents doing?
Were they not aware or did they just not give a shit as to where there teenage girls were or what they were doing?

Of course there is a Problem within the British Pakistani Male demographic, one that I just happen to fit into. But what can we as a community do to tackle it? We won't snitch to the police because we don't like them. Instead, I believe local communities need to be given more power to enforce action by themselves and if need be, against themselves.

Umair Saeed

Claire Khaw said...

I think it would make things simpler if it became the rule again that NOBODY IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE EXTRAMARITAL SEX.

I was trying to explain how we got to this situation and the slippery slope began when people said sex between consenting adults was OK even if they weren't married to each other.

I really don't think it is fair to expect the coppers to bother with under-aged girls having sex when the law is so opaque and conviction so unlikely, do you?

If they were expected to only pursue anyone not married to each other having sex, I am sure they would do that with great relish, because then the rules would be clear, and because the rules are clear, the likelihood of conviction greatly increased.

You of course know that the police get promoted on the basis of the convictions they get. Anything else is just a thankless task that wastes their time, energy and resources.

That is why the cops couldn't be bothered and that was why Shaun Wright said "Why are you picking on Rotheram?" when this was going on EVERYWHERE amongst schoolgirls from certain backgrounds living in most parts of England.

They didn't fancy being accused of being institutionally racist again if they only targeted white girls with Asian boyfriends, which was basically what people concerned about this phenomenon wanted them to do.

JF said...

The British masses will never really condemn scum mothers because they have been conditioned to make excuses for women and treat them with kid gloves.
They only jump on a mother when social media instructs them too, think Baby P's mum for example.

Also, many Brits either are scum parents or were raised by scum parents, so to criticise others would be too raw for them.

It's easier to just blame Pakis for everything instead.

safina said...

I dont know even know why the british public act like they care for these schoolgirls when the truth is that they dont really care what they do as long as it does not bother them.

A lot schoolgirls have been having underage sex for a long time, might as well get rid of the age of consent laws and criminalise extramarital sex.

But they wont do that, they think their girls are innocent virgins when in fact they go around looking for pleasure from strangers

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