Monday, 10 November 2014

Eleanor De Freitas said to be in Ann Summers with alleged rapist shortly after alleged rape

Watch the video of Eleanor De Freitas and alleged attacker in Ann Summers after the alleged rape.

Typical: he pays the shop, she gets the goods and the receipt.

Wealthy financier who Eleanor de Freitas said was a rapist offers sympathy to family, saying her death was a 'very unfortunate event'

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Think you can spot a sociopath/psychopath? Think again.

Her father David wants the inquest to heard by a jury, not just a coroner.

Why? Because a jury would be more easily manipulated into finding against the CPS.

This is a legal question, because there is no dispute as to fact.  The legal question is:

Was it in the public interest for the CPS to prosecute Eleanor De Freitas for falsely accusing Alexander Economou of rape?

Of course, or any man who had sex with a woman who subsequently wishes she had not had sex with him will be vulnerable to a rape accusation or an allegation of a historic sexual offence that would ruin his reputation, lose him his job and cost him his relationships with any existing female partners.

This is an open and shut no-brainer of a case and on this occasion the CPS did the right thing, but, just because this woman is pretty, posh and middle class, libtards everywhere rend their garments, gnash their teeth and tear their hair over her suicide while women are even now still being encouraged by the CPS to report rape in the hope of increasing the number of convictions for the sake of increasing the number of convictions as a political gesture of pleasing and appeasing the matriarchy. Look upon this as the matriarchy tightening its vaginal muscles.

Because more women report rape these days, it is statistically inevitable that more of these women will be neurotic, malicious and promiscuous.

It is statistically more likely for women who are promiscuous to be neurotic, and neurotic women to be suicidal.

If anyone other than Eleanor De Freitas herself can be said to have caused her death, then it was the pernicious policy of the CPS of encouraging promiscuous women to report rape.

Not for the first time has it been pointed out that the sexual assault or rape was probably less traumatic than having to undergo the emotional trauma of having one's motives and behaviour scrutinised and unpleasant and unflattering interpretations being made of these in open court. That was probably why most women who were rape victims decided to draw a line under it and get on with their lives.

It seems pretty obvious that Eleanor De Freitas falsely accused Economou of rape and then committed suicide because she could not face having her motives and behaviour examined in open court.

Because Eleanor De Freitas committed suicide and her father was invited on The Today Programme to cry on air and was given a sympathetic decision, the rights of victims of false rape accusations suddenly count for NOTHING.

He cried on air to get the sympathy of women and libtards and seems to have succeeded brilliantly.

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