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Nick Boles Gay Tory PPC foisted on Grantham & Stamford

An email I have received:


It is good to know the political influences and aspirations of the Tory’s prospective MP for the G&S constituency.

What type of politics do we want?

The question is, “Is this the type of politics we want”?

So much for honesty, openness, modernising and decency.

All these fine words of the modern Tory lexicon are lies, deceits, mere puff.

The essence of Boles’s politics appears to be backroom deals, plausible deniability and covert threats.

This is not new – Tony Blair brought this type of dirt into British politics a decade ago.

Look where it has got us.

This is trite fractional politics, bereft of big ideas, devoid of sincerity and lacking a moral compass.

This type of politics serves only a privileged elite.

What has “Loyalty” got Lincolnshire?

Nick Boles has been parachuted into the G&S seat, and he, like the rest of the Tory party has taken it, and Lincolnshire, for granted.

Being taken for granted, has not been to Lincolnshire’s benefit, indeed, it has been very much to our detriment.

Like a loyal mutt, blind and deaf, Lincolnshire has slavered over the Tory boot for decades.

What has this loyalty got us?

We have been kicked in the face time and time again, and treated with complete disdain by the privileged London elite.

If we want to assert our own interests, we need to bite the bastards.

We need to stand up and tell these prats to “shove off”, to bugger-off back to London, and to mind their own bloody business.

Why are the votes of G&S taken for granted?

Nick Boles may be an “A-Lister”, he may be part of Sam and Dave’s charmed inner
Notting Hill circle, but that does not mean he is the best person to represent the G&S constituency.

We may be mere country yokels to the Notting Hill set, but Boles is not the man to represent us.

The G&S constituency is not a “rotten borough”.

We are not beholden unto our Lords and Masters in London.

We are not simply a convenient stepping stone to greater things.

We are not just the small people of history….

People live here, people raise families here, real people vote here.

Our Vote should not be taken for granted by Nick Boles as he plays trite political games at CCHQ.

We don’t care about Mafia Wars …..

Being Gay is not enough …. you need principles, values and honesty.

Nick Boles could not win the Brighton & Hove seat in the 2004 election, despite it having the largest gay electorate in the country.

Brighton & Hove recognised that simply being gay did not make you an “A-List” candidate.

Despite his gayness, he was rejected by Brighton & Hove as cheap opportunist without principle, values or honesty.

Its no wonder therefore that he declined to stand again in Brighton & Hove , but opted for “safe” Conservative seat of G&S.

Brighton & Hove know a poser when they see one.

Boles lacks substance, he lacks principles, he lacks core values.

He is a backroom fixer, not a man of character.

Why should this seat be a “safe” Conservative seat?

Why does Boles have time for silly political games in London?

Why is he not campaigning daily in G&S?

Simple…. He assumes is in the bag, its all done and dusted…. He just has to bide him time to the next election.

Lets make sure it is not in the bag!

Boles must face a fight …. a real fight.

Like Brighton & Hove, lets make sure that Nick Boles is rejected by G&S come the next election.

The time after next, let him try again for Brighton & Hove.

Why do we need a Local Candidate in the G&S constituency?

G&S needs a local candidate who cares about the constituency.

Nick Boles regards G&S as simply a stepping stone to his assumed assured cabinet seat in dear Dave's “hug a hoody” government.

Nick Boles does not care about our Schools, indeed, he’d happily sacrifice all of them to what ever policy initiative was currently expedient.

Dave’s Tories have been prepared to sacrifice Grammar schools, and Nick will not challenge that position.

Are you surprised?

Of course not, he is a frightfully loyal insider of Dave’s kitchen cabinet.

He knows which side his bread is buttered.

Nick Boles does not care about our Hospitals, why should he? – he lives in Notting Hill.

Can he even tell us where Grantham Hospital is, or Lincoln, Boston, Peterborough or Nottingham hospital?

If you live in the constituency, have a wife, children and friends – then you know when Stamford Hospital is open, what services it provides, and you know how long it takes to get an ambulance from Peterborough or Boston.

If you don’t live here, then….. well, who cares?

Nick Boles does not live here.

Does Nick Boles have the interest of G&S at heart?

Of course not!

Until just over a year ago he could not point it out on a map.

Who’s interests does he have at heart?

Dumb question – his own, (and of course Dave’s) !

But, not yours or mine.

Nick Boles does not care about our Transport systems.

We know that Lincolnshire is a large rural county – we need cars, we need roads, we need a rail system that works.

Unfortunately, all the needs of those of us who live in the G&S constituency are going to get short shift by Dave.

Nick and Dave need to be “Green” and “cool” for their Notting Hill friends.

He may, however, in the interests of the “environment”, force us to have fields of windmills in the fens …. just a little bit bigger than that on dear Dave’s Notting Hill house.

Who cares?

He doesn’t, he won’t see them, Nick Boles does not live here…..

We do!

From Nick Bole’s perspective, once you have turned out and voted as loyal Tories should for any goat or A-Lister they stick a blue rosette on, who gives a shit about the yokels in G&S?

Nick Boles certainly does not.

Do you, or are you simply happy to doff your cap to your betters from London?

What makes Nick Boles your better?

What does Nick Boles care about public outrage as to the rip-off by MP’s of their

Boles’s solution - pay them a £100 grand a year!

Yep, hard to believe the arrogance, but true.

In any event, he expects a cabinet minister's salary, and …. so like dear Dave he can bicycle to work …. a limo behind no doubt.

So much for probity and austerity!

Nick Boles is the wrong candidate for the G&S constituency.

If Nick Boles is such an “A-Lister”, why is he not standing in the North of England or
inner-city Birmingham, Leicester or Nottingham?

Surely these are the areas where Dave needs to win seats?

If he such outstanding characteristics, he should, like Heineken beer, be seeking to refresh those parts of the electorate that other mere mortal candidates cannot reach.
So why was he parachuted into the apparent solid blue Lincolnshire G&S constituency by CCHQ,?

Why were all local candidates excluded from the so-called “Open Primary”?

Pretty obvious, Boles like the rest of the so-called “A-Listers” can’t cut it in the North, or in inner-city constituencies.

To be elected, the “A-Listers” need the democratic process to be gerrymandered, they need our basic political values to be subverted, they need a dirty backroom deal.
This is Mafia politics – and it is inimical to the political values of Nick Boles.

If you wanted to see the Mafia at work, it was very evident in the way his “election” as the Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate was fixed.

It was a joke, a farce, an undermining of every principle of local democracy that dear old Dave has been trumpeting in the press in recent weeks.

This is not the kind of politics we want in Britain, and not the kind of politics we want in the G&S constituency.
Veronica Robinson is the new BNP organiser in Grantham & Stamford
Marilyn Swain is UKIP's

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