Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Khaw's Dolls and Effigies for Voodoo, Torture and Execution

I have just had a wonderful idea about making voodoo dolls of hated national figures. The David Cameron and Martin Amis doll would sell well, I think.

Khaw's Voodoo Dolls .... Dolls would have balls so you can have the satisfaction of ripping them off. Dolls would also be specially manufactured to ooze blood and spill guts to make the experience more authentic. A voice that cries out in pain? Dolls to burn at the stake? Dolls to hang, draw and quarter?

Accessories would be gallows and guillotine ... Perhaps an executioner's axe or sword. We could even have a pretend lethal injection thingie ... The possibilities are endless.

Khaw's Dolls for Execution with Accompanying Accessories.

When I am Mayoress of London, I will have specially appointed places for effigy-burning.  I believe that even the BNP would be happy to adopt the Indian and Pakistani custom of the effigy-burning of hated people and then smacking them with a stick as they burn on the ground.

Here is a clip of the Afghans burning an effigy of Obama.  I would see to it that British effigies would have a stronger resemblance to the hated person in question.

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