Thursday, 15 September 2011

Jeffrey Marshall to replace Carlos Cortiglia as 2012 BNP London Mayoral Candidate?

I think Jeffrey Marshall should be the 2012 BNP London mayoral candidate.  He was born in London, and is a grammar school boy whose father was a publican who had dealings with the Krays.   He graduated with a degree in History and Philosophy from the University of Kent, has lived abroad and can even speak Spanish.  He is musical and can sing very well.  Indeed, he was leader singer in a band during his student years.  He is also taller than all the other white male candidates and has participated in a ground-breaking debate between Muslims and the BNP, which, because it was civil and enlightening, and showed the BNP in a good light, was deliberately ignored by the liberal media.   Jeffrey could even be a potential leadership candidate, IMHO, despite his "Dr Death" comments about Ivan Cameron.  Indeed, Jeffrey even has a brother who is learning disabled, so all the dreadful things that the Left have been pretending that he wants to do to the disabled, eg exterminate them, is hysterical nonsense and can shown to be so.
IN CONTEXT: Jeffrey Marshall's Comments about the unproductive

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