Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Why Claire Khaw is attacking the *current* Prima Donna BNP London Mayoral Candidate

"Why is Claire Khaw attacking our mayoral candidate?" the BNP ask.

Because I think he will be a disaster and I want it noted that I said he will be a disaster and an embarrassment, even for a pariah party such as as they, when I hear things about him that show that he is clearly unsuited to be LMC.

He is behaving like a schoolgirl having a hissy fit, wailing and howling to all and sundry about my comments about him that were intended to be helpful.

I have said nothing untrue about him, so he really really cannot complain.

He is apparently complaining to the Chairman himself about me, as if he thought that something could be done about it!

How naive if he thinks anyone in this land could get me to delete any of my comments about him on my blog, without the benefit a High Court action, and then only if I have libelled him and only if he has hired very expensive lawyers and spent tens of thousands of pounds in legal fees.

Perhaps he thinks the Chairman could proscribe me. Imagine, little old me, poscribed just for my opinions!

5 The Chairman may proscribe individuals, organisations or publications which are so hostile to our Party, or whose views and/or behaviour are so likely to bring discredit upon our Party, that Members should have no contact with them.
6 Such a hostile individual, publications or group is thenceforth regarded as a rotten apple and proscription is the means by which they are prevented from contaminating others. Not only are the proscribed barred from attending party functions and activities, but Members are barred from attending events organised by them and barred from sharing platforms with them, distributing or advertising literature and electronic media produced by or in support of them,and promoting events at which they are known or – in the opinion of our Party leadership – likely to be attending.
7 Proscriptions shall come into effect on publication in the National members‟ bulletin and remain in force until further notice. A full list appears on our Partt'website.

Claire Khaw - not only joined, but suspended; not only suspended, but expelled; not only expelled but proscribed!


The EDL is an organisation proscribed by the BNP.

Imagine, little old me, as scary and as dangerous as the EDL!


Expelled just for saying on the Victoria Derbyshire Show that I would not wish to bring up a severely disabled baby

All for saying WHAT about Carlos exactly?

We don't even know which comment he found so objectionable.

Was it when I said that I speak better English than him?

Or that I write better English than him?

Or that I supported the right side in the Falklands War?

Anyway, I am not being destructive in my criticism of the Carlos, I am being constructive.  Indeed, I am being so constructive that I am proposing that Jeffrey Marshall - who made similar comments about the disabled for which he is now called Dr Death - should be their LMC.

I would be delighted to be the BNP Press Officer or Directrix of Communications (and there is nothing in the rules that say I have to a member of the party to be Press Officer) fielding all the predictably hysterical accusations and questions from the liberal media against Jeffrey about wishing to exterminate the disabled and threatening to sue them for libel if they do not mind their Ps and Qs.

It would be a pleasure and a privilege.

Currently, Carlos is Press Officer, but I think I may just be able to do the job better.

Yes, I do mean "prima donna", and not "primo uomo".  


Anonymous said...

Well said Claire, I thought it was a joke when i first heard he was the London Mayoral Candidate for BNP.I love reading your blog and if Griffin does probscribe you i will not be renewing my membership.I think you would have made a far better candidate then Carlos.

Claire Khaw said...

Thank you very very much for your kind words of support!